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Total HydroLeather Interior Cleaning Kit

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What's In the Kit

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Leather Cleaner is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, grease, body oils, sweat, food residue, and light stains from fine natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic leather materials.

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The Leather Conditioner delivers perfect restoration, then preserves the natural look and feel of soft new leather.

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Tough on stubborn stains but gentle on leather, experience superior leather cleaning with the Long Bristle Horse Hair Brush.

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HydroLeather puts a durable, protective ceramic barrier on leather surfaces, which helps resist dirt, UV rays, and discoloration. Keep your leather looking and feeling brand new for longer without leaving behind any residue.

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Total Interior cleans and protects virtually any car interior surface and is available in three pleasing scents—simply mist and wipe for professional-level cleaning results.

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Our air freshener sprays will refresh your car interior in no time. Choose from a wide range of scents—from sweet to rugged to fruity—and give your car (and your passengers) a quick rejuvenating boost.

Please Note: That the color and or packaging on accessories featured in the kit may vary from what is displayed in the image. Accessories and or Chemicals may be replaced based on stock availability.

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