Heavy Metal Polish

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Heavy Metal Polish

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Heavy Metal Polish is a one-step specialty metal polish formulated to restore a brilliant shine to heavily oxidized, stained, or tarnished metal surfaces. Cleans, seals, and then prevents metal degradation with just one product.
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  • Among our polishes, Heavy Metal Polish is great for removing heavy oxidation from chrome and metal for a brilliant shine; more aggressive than Light Metal Polish
  • Specialty metal cleaners & micro-abrasives break down and release oxides, tarnish, and contamination
  • Also includes sealant to protect metal surfaces from future tarnishing & oxidation
  • Prevents metal degradation by removing contaminants
  • Restores a brilliant reflection and shine
  • Reverses the effects of oxygen, sulfur, and air 
  • Cleans, shines, and protects in one easy step

What Makes Heavy Metal Polish Awesome

Natural Cleaners Restore Metal

When polished metals are left in the open, oxygen, sulfur, and other contaminants can react with the surface of the metal. This chemical reaction dulls the shine of your vehicle’s metal surfaces over time. 

Heavy Metal Polish is formulated with specialty metal cleaners and micro-abrasives that break down oxides, tarnish, and contamination to restore shine to your bare polished metal.

3-Step Process

Heavy Metal Polish works in 3 steps with one product. First, it restores a brilliant shine to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, silver, gold, or even chrome. Second, it seals the surface with protective polymers to help prevent future stains and oxidation. And third, the unique polymer protection technology repels water spots and stains to protect your metalwork.

Works on all bare metal surfaces, including diamond plate, exhaust, wheels, and stainless steel


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How to Use Heavy Metal Polish

Clean the surface to be polished and shake the bottle well. Spread 3-5 dots of Metal Polish over a microfiber applicator pad and rub into metal vigorously to remove oxidation and road grime. Then, using a premium microfiber towel, buff to a brilliant shine. Repeat as needed.

Please Note: Always try a test spot before use.

Product Details

SKU(s) SPI_402_16
Product Form Creme / Paste
Applicable Finishes Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum
Polisher Required No
Cutting Pad Required No

Chemical & Ingredient Information

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