Gallon Hand Pump

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Gallon Hand Pump

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The Hand Pump is the perfect accessory that makes using large bulk chemicals a cinch by attaching to any Chemical Guys gallon or half gallon container and dispensing exactly 1 oz with every pump.
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What Makes Gallon Hand Pump Awesome

Perfect for Soaps, Waxes, and Dressings

Pick up a Gallon Hand Pump to easily move any liquid detailing product without making a mess! This heavy-duty pump threads onto any Chemical Guys 1 Gallon, Half-Gallon product jug, or 38/400 threaded container and cleanly dispense one ounce with every pump. It’s the easiest, cleanest, and most precise way to move and distribute your favorite products, without wasting product or money.

Reduce Spillage and Leaks

Stop trying to pour or squeeze detailing products from one container to another... buying your favorite detailing chemicals in bulk to save money is pointless as soon as you spill it all over. Use the Gallon Hand Pump to transfer your favorite products into smaller 16 oz bottles for ease of use, or pump an ounce or two of your favorite car wash soap right into your bucket.

  • Save time, product, and headaches
  • Avoid sticky cleanups
  • Precisely dispense product each and every time
  • Rapidly speed up your prep work
  • Mix and blend your own custom strength products

How To Use Gallon Hand Pump

  1. Insert the straw into the bottom of the Gallon Hand Pump.
  2. Trim the straw to length when using the Gallon Hand Pump into a half-gallon jug.
  3. Open your favorite gallon or half-gallon Chemical Guys product jug.
  4. Insert pump into the jug and thread onto collar. To store, fully depress pump, then turn clockwise until it locks in place.

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