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Digital Camo T-Shirt

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Digital Camo T-Shirt

Last Chance
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Stay cool on even the hottest jobs and proudly rep the brand that gives you your shine all while looking like a boss with the Digital Camo T-Shirt! The signature dripping logo disguised with a digital camouflage pattern is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
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What Makes Digital Camo T-Shirt Awesome

Detail In Style

The Chemical Guys Digital Camo T-Shirt allows you to celebrate your passion for shine with head-turning camo style! This 100% cotton shirt is lighter, softer, and more comfortable than a standard T-shirt, and the extra-long trunk covers all buckles and buttons to ensure a scratch-free detail should you lean over your car. Whether you’re looking to stay cool and protected during long details, or just want an eye-catching shirt that turns some heads and shows off your passion while you’re out on the town, the Digital Camo T-Shirt is the shirt you’ve been looking for!

A Lifestyle Shirt With Purpose

The Digital Camo T-Shirt is the perfect combination of function and style! The durable construction helps your tee last through the toughest details while staying comfortable.. Maneuvering around your vehicle while cleaning every wheel, tire, door panel, and bumper can be very taxing, especially when you’re wearing a constrictive piece of clothing that inhibits your ability to move freely. The Digital Camo T-shirt creates a perfect fit so that your shirt doesn’t accidentally snag on any surface that could cause a scratch.

Made For The Ultimate Detailer

The Digital Camo T-shirt is built to withstand the brunt of arduous details while keeping you comfortable and cool The digital camo pattern logo located on the front of the shirt represents your detailing armor as you attack dust, dirt, debris, filth, mud, scratches and swirls. Dirt, grime, and scratches will never stand a chance when you’re rocking your Chemical Guys Digital Camo T-shirt! Want a shirt that will withstand the rigors of serious details, and proudly displays your undisputed love for detailing? Pick up the Digital Camo T-shirt and say goodbye to dirt and grime, and hello to shine!

  • Celebrate your passion for shine with digital camo design
  • 100% cotton material keeps you cool on the hottest jobs
  • Ultra soft tee is maximally comfortable & super durable
  • Step into your detailing armor as you battle tough grime
  • Easily maneuver around your car with this flexible shirt
  • Tagless design keeps your neck comfortable & itch-free
  • Super soft fitted tee reduces chances of snagging
  • Proudly rep the brand that makes you & your rides shine

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