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Cyclone Dirt Trap

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Cyclone Dirt Trap

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What sets the Cyclone Dirt Trap apart is its innovative design featuring nearly 300 cyclonic funnels. This unique approach effectively traps dirty wash water beneath the filter, ensuring that abrasive particles stay away from your mitt during the wash. This means you can achieve a flawlessly clean finish without worrying about scratches, making it essential for a scratch-free wash experience.
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What Makes Cyclone Dirt Trap Awesome

Uni-Directional Filtration Technology

The Dirt Trap keeps abrasive particles at the bottom of your wash bucket to reduce scratches and swirls caused. Old world wash screens allow water and dirt to flow through vertically. The textured underside and small holes of the Dirt Trap screen act as a one-way valve: dirt is pushed through the cyclone funnels and is trapped underneath the guard where it cannot flow back into the clean water.

Ridged Design Delivers The Ultimate Clean

Every Dirt Trap is molded with Cyclone Scrub Ridge rings around every dirt cyclone funnel. Rub the wash mitt directly on the Dirt Trap to scrub and agitate any embedded dirt and grime from the wash fibers, then funnel and trap it directly underneath the insert. Adding the Dirt Trap to the two bucket method reduces the chances of installing any swirls or scratches during a normal wash dramatically.

  • Protect your vehicle's delicate finish
  • Keep your water clean as you wash
  • Capture spent dirt at the bottom of your bucket
  • Keep removed dirt from getting back on your car
  • Reduce chances of marring paintwork when washing

How To Use Cyclone Dirt Trap

  1. Press firmly into bucket of clean soap and water until it sits flush and snugly at the bottom.
  2. Dunk car wash mitt into the soap solution bucket, then wash the vehicle top to bottom one panel at a time.
  3. Dunk the dirty mitt in the rinse bucket and scrub directly onto the filter to agitate dirt from the mitt.
  4. Wring mitt out on the ground to flush out any loose dirt.
  5. Dunk mitt back in soap bucket and continue to wash car.

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