Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket, 4.25 Gal

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Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket, 4.25 Gal

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This Heavy-Duty Clear Bucket holds over 4 gallons and makes car washing, storage, and detailing easier. Combines with the Cyclone Dirt Trap insert and the Bucket Lid, which converts the bucket to a handy seat.
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Save Big With Kits

  • Sturdy bucket made from high-density, ultra-durable plastic
  • Pairs perfectly with the Dirt Trap and CG Bucket Lid; Compatible with all CG bucket accessories
  • Large 4.25 gallon capacity
  • Strong enough to use a seat for easier detailing when fitted with the Bucket Lid
  • Perfect for the two bucket method

What makes the Detailing Bucket awesome

The Clear Choice

If there’s one standard piece in your detailing arsenal, it’s the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket. At over 4 gallons, it can handle your soapiest wash. Not sure if it’s time to change out your soapy water? The Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket makes it easy to see the state of your water so you know exactly when it’s time to drain your bucket and refill it with fresh. It’s the best way to make sure that your ride stays scratch-free!

More Than Just Detailing

Fill it with water or car wash shampoo, use it to store your Chemical Guys products, or add the bucket lid to kneel or sit on it as you detail your ride. If using it for storage, the clear construction makes it easy to see right into your bucket so you know what’s inside.

Two-Bucket Washing Method

Don’t just grab one Clear Detailing Bucket, pick up a couple—they’re perfect for the two-bucket washing method. Stick in the Dirt Trap, then add your favorite Chemical Guys soap, and fill the other bucket with clean water for rinsing. 

How to use:

Use your bucket for holding soapy suds, rinsing, sitting, or storage.

How to use the Detailing Bucket

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