Ceramic Wheel Maintenance Kit

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Ceramic Wheel Maintenance Kit

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Wheels are key to your car’s look and performance. Keep them pristine with our Ceramic Wheel Maintenance Kit. It includes a powerful cleaner to remove brake dust and grime, a tire shine spray for a glossy finish, and a sturdy wheel brush for thorough cleaning. Maintain your wheels' health and beauty effortlessly.
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What's in the Kit

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It's invisible, colorless, and odorless, packing a serious punch for car interiors, wheels, tires, and beyond. Say bye-bye to dirt and stains on any surface, without a trace of color, odor, or chemical residue left behind!
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HydroSpin is an easy-to-apply, sprayable formula that provides a super-durable ceramic coating barrier for wheels and rims—protecting from dirt, brake dust, and contaminants with a brilliant, high-gloss shine and superior water beading.
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Revolutionize your car cleaning routine with Diablo Wheel Cleaner, the pH-balanced marvel engineered to perfection. Unlike traditional cleaners that can corrode and damage your wheels over time, Diablo's non-caustic formula ensures that your prized possessions retain their showroom shine, ride after exhilarating ride.
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The Secondary Container Dilution Bottle is perfect for professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts who need to mix and dilute chemicals from full-strength gallon jugs. Get the exact strength you want right in the spray bottle. They’re crystal clear for easy visual level checks and make your detailing job faster and easier.
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The Wheelie features super-soft synthetic flagged-tip bristles for a gentle, effective clean. It effortlessly removes dirt and grime from wheels, rims, wheel wells, and other dirty exterior surfaces.

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