Black On Black Instant Shine

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Black On Black Instant Shine

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Black on Black is an instant dressing that uses an ultra-fine atomizer to spray thin coats into hard-to-reach trim parts. It easily restores a rich, black, like-new look to your trim.
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  • Among our trim shines, Black on Black is a sprayable dressing that delivers a high-gloss shine to trim components. 
  • Restores a brilliant, black shine to trim with a non-greasy finish
  • Ultra-fine misting formula accesses hard-to-reach areas
  • Light blockers repel UV rays that fade, discolor, and crack trim

What Makes Black On Black Instant Shine Awesome

Brilliant, Protective Shine for all Trims

When Black On Black is applied over surfaces, the ultra-refined oils penetrate deep into textured plastic to nourish them and restore a rich new look with a brilliant, glossy shine. The non-greasy, dry-to-the-touch formula is also formulated with UV light blockers that protect trim pieces from the damaging effects of the sun, helping to prevent fading and cracking.

Superior Results with Less Work

Spreading dressing on trims by hand can be tedious and often wastes product. Black on Black’s aerosol formula is dispensed through an ultra-fine misting atomizer that easily covers a huge surface area with minimal product. Simply spray on the surface and wipe away excess to achieve your desired shine. The fine mist formula also enables you to direct Black on Black into tight, hard-to-reach spots that would otherwise be tough to access with conventional dressings.

How To Use Black On Black Instant Shine

Shake well before using. Hold the can 5 to 10 inches from the surface and mist an even coat over any clean and dry plastic car part. Allow to air dry for an extra wet shine, or wipe off excess for a natural appearance. If desired, additional coats can be applied for an extra wet shine.

Product Details

Product Form Aerosol
Applicable Finishes Plastic, Rubber

Chemical & Ingredient Information

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