Last Chance

American Stars & Stripes T-Shirt

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American Stars & Stripes T-Shirt

Last Chance
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The American Stars & Stripes T-Shirt is the best way to celebrate your passion and the good ol’ US of A, turning heads of those wishing they were a part of such an awesome family and lifestyle.
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What Makes American Stars & Stripes T-Shirt Awesome

Flaunt the Chemical Guys Lifestyle

Whether you’re proud to be an American or you just love the red, white, and blue color scheme, flaunt the lifestyle of being part of the Chemical Guys family. This ring-spun cotton shirt is 50% lighter, twice as soft, twice as durable, and twice as comfortable as a standard T-shirt. Boast your drive, passion, and ambition for the American Dream with the American Stars & Stripes T-shirt!

The Perfect Detailer's Uniform

We wouldn’t be Chemical Guys if everything we made wasn’t perfect, down to the last detail. By being made with the softest cotton and the extra-long trunk, the American Stars & Stripes T-shirt won’t scratch or mar your paint when brushed against it. The trunk length is able to cover past your waistline to protect your paint from buttons, zippers, and belt buckles for a scratch-free detail.

  • Look as good as your car
  • Dummy-proof your detailing wardrobe
  • Show the world where you get your shine
  • Stick out from the crowd
  • Rep the CG lifestyle everywhere you go

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