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Marine and Boat Heavy Compound

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Marine and Boat Heavy Compound removes deep scratches and swirls from gelcoat and fiberglass with an advanced high grade abrasive technology to cut and refine gloss and shine on watercraft.

Use This To: 

  • Remove deep defects and scratches
  • Polish gel coat, fiberglass, and more
  • Prepare boat for final polish
  • Advanced abrasive technology
  • Designed specifically for boats and watercraft

Versatile For All Watercrafts Parts

Boat Heavy Compound cuts away defects, scratches, and contamination from painted finishes, aluminum, fiberglass, gel coat, polished metal, and plastic parts from any watercraft. Cut away faded gel coat and oxidized paint from sun-beaten parts above the waterline to restore luster and shine. Cut back crusty barnacles and salt buildup from below the waterline for a smooth finish with improved performance through the water. Erase heavy water spots and oxidation from metal rails and trim pieces for a bright and true reflection.

Prepare Surfaces For Final Polish And Deep, Lustrous Shine

Polishing with a machine is the only way to permanently repair surface defects like swirls, scratches, and oxidation without resorting to drastic measures like repainting and refinishing a surface. Heavier levels of contamination, oxidation, and damage like swirls and scratches require heavier abrasives and compounds to cut away the deeper defects. Boat Heavy Compound knocks down the heaviest damage and defects to set up the rest of the polishing process for success.

Dual Action Polisher

  1. Shake well and apply 4-5 drops to desired pad. 
  2. Prime pad with Pad Conditioner. Dab product out evenly across 2' x 2' section. 
  3. Turn on machine on paint to speed setting 1 to spread product. 
  4. Increase speed to 5-6 and using moderate pressure, work area in 2-3 passes until product becomes clear.
  5. Follow with light pressure to finish. 
  6. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.
  7. Please Note: Always try a test spot before use. 


Rotary Polisher

  1. Shake well and apply 4-5 drops to desired pad. 
  2. Prime pad with Pad Conditioner. Dab product out evenly across 2' x 2' section. 
  3. Turn on machine away from paint to a setting in between 1000-1500 rpms to spread product. 
  4. Using just the weight of the machine (no pressure) work area in 3-4 passes until compound becomes clear.
  5. For final pass adjust speed setting to between 1200-1800 rpms.
  6. Work until optical clarity is achieved.
  7. Remove residue with clean microfiber cloth.


1 – 5 Hours




Wash Surface, Decontaminate, Wipe Out

California Ingredient Disclosure - Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017

Ingredient INCI Name Ingredient CAS Number Ingredient Category Ingredient Function
Natural Diatomaceous Earth 61790-53-2 Intentionally added non-fragrance Polishing Agent
Aluminum Oxide 1344-28-1 Intentionally added non-fragrance Polishing Agent
Isoakanes 68551-19-9 Intentionally added non-fragrance Diluent

Other Information

  • Chemicals of Concern:
    • Chemicals on CA SB 258 designated list: None
    • Fragrance allergen included on Annex III of the EU Cosmetics Regulation No. 1223/2009 as required to be labeled by the EU Detergents Regulation No. 647/2004.: None
  • View Material Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product can be downloaded from our website. Please note that OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard has different disclosure requirements than California's "Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017." Therefore, information listed in Section 3 of the SDS may not exactly match the information in this disclosure.


  • UPC: 811339024557
  • Applicable Materials: Painted Surfaces, Clear Plastic, Glass
  • Car Finishes: Gloss
  • Product Form: Cream
  • Application Type: Spout
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs