Incite Color Changing Wheel Cleaner

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Incite is the innovative color changing wheel cleaner that’s designed to make cleaning your wheels faster, easier, and more effective than ever before with a foaming aerosol formula that changes color as it works to break down dirt, grime, and brake dust to reveal a showroom-new finish!


Awesome Incite Features:

  • Helps remove stubborn brake dust, dirt, and grime from wheels
  • Color changing formula so you can see it working, and when ready to be rinsed away
  • Thick foam clings to surfaces for better cleaning power
  • Safe for glossy wheel finishes
  • Easy to use – simply spray on, wait for color change, and rinse off
  • Vertical clinging formula sticks hard to wheel surfaces
  • Can be used with Chemical Guys wheel brushes for even better results

Vertical Cling Like You’ve Never Seen

Experience the magic of the color transformation of Incite Color Changing Wheel Cleaner as it breaks down the toughest dirt, grime, and brake dust, leaving your wheels looking new. The dense foam clings to the wheel surface, providing thorough coverage without the need for excessive scrubbing. With its foaming action, Incite clings to your wheel surface, providing maximum coverage and increased contact time to reveal bright and clean wheels. Incite's unique aerosol formula is different from liquid cleaners because it has the amazing ability to cling to surfaces vertically! This means that it can stick to wheel surfaces for longer periods of time, allowing it to effectively clean.

Fast Acting Foaming Action

Incite Foaming Color Changing Wheel Cleaner is specially formulated to make cleaning your wheels fast, easy, and effective. With its advanced foaming technology, Incite provides a blanket of foam coverage over the surface of your wheel, allowing it to penetrate into tight crevices and gaps where dirt and grime can accumulate. The foaming agents make it easier to break down and remove dirt, brake dust, and grime, resulting in a brilliant clean finish. The intense foaming action lifts the abrasive particles from the surface to not only help reduce the chance of scratching, but also helps reduce the need for excessive scrubbing or effort, making cleaning your wheels a breeze!

Color-Changing Technology

Incite Color Changing Wheel Cleaner is specially formulated with advanced cleaning agents to remove even the toughest dirt and grime from glossy wheel surfaces, including painted, chrome, anodized, bare metal, aluminum, and more. As the advanced foaming formula starts to work its magic, the foam changes color right before your eyes, letting you know that it's breaking down all the dirt, grime, and brake dust on your wheels. When you're done, you'll be left with a brilliant clean finish that will make your wheels look like they just rolled off the showroom floor! Get ready to experience the ultimate wheel cleaning with Chemical Guys Incite Color Changing Wheel Cleaner!


Directions: Always ensure wheel and brakes are cool. Rinse wheel. Shake well and spray Incite Foaming Color Changing Wheel Cleaner onto wheel. Let sit for 10-15 seconds, or longer for dirtier wheels. For maintenance cleaning/lightly dirty wheels, rinse with a sharp stream of water. For dirtier wheels, agitate with a soft bristled wheel brush, then rinse with clean water, then dry with a premium microfiber towel. Always test in a small, inconspicuous area before first use.

How to Use It - Chemical Guys

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CA Residents: CA-SB258 California Ingredient Disclosure - Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for this product can be downloaded from our website. Please note that OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard has different disclosure requirements than California's "Cleaning Products Right to Know Act of 2017." Therefore, information listed in Section 3 of the SDS may not exactly match the information in this disclosure.

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