How to Clean Car Windows & Glass Without Streaks

Have you tried to clean your car windows and ended up leaving streaks all over them? This is extremely common when it comes to detailing as many do not know the proper way to clean the glass while also avoiding streaks. Attacking your car windows paper towels and generic glass cleaner or other non purpose cleaning products is a recipe for leaving streaks and grime on your windows.

Fear no more, because with these easy to follow steps you’ll learn how to clean car windows and even your car's windshield, getting streak-free glass every time! This technique works for your interior windows, the inside of your windshield, and exterior windows. All you need is a microfiber cloth or towel and streak free glass cleaner.

Step 1: Towel Prep

Cleaning Exterior Window of a Car

First off, and of the utmost importance, we always recommend having two towels when cleaning glass. It’s called the Two Towel Method.

One towel should be used solely for wiping down any of the products being used. This towel will get damp from the product, making it a poor choice to buff the glass off with after. So, we use the second towel solely for buffing off the glass. This towel will be nice and dry as to not leave streaks or get spent product on the glass.

We also recommend using Waffle Weave microfiber towels for this as they work best on glass! You should never use paper towels for cleaning your car windows as they can pick up grime and dust, smudges, and leave fibers behind on the glass. 

Step 2: Exterior

Spraying Glass Cleaner on a Car Window

The product we recommend for cleaning glass is our Signature Series Glass Cleaner.

You can spray it on the towel if your glass is hot or just directly spray onto the glass if it’s cool to the touch. Fold the towel into thirds so that you have multiple clean sides to work with; you do not want to reuse a dirty side of the towel when cleaning the glass as this is counterproductive.

Use the first towel to wipe the glass down with the glass cleaner and then use the second towel to buff it off.

Now that the outside of the glass is clean, let’s move on to the interior.

Step 3: Interior

Wiping Inside of Car Windshield

For the interior glass surfaces, you will want to spray the Glass Cleaner directly onto the towel to prevent overspray.

Just like before, simply use the first towel to apply the product and wipe down the glass. Then use the clean second towel to buff off the glass and remove all traces of the product.

Now that both sides of the glass have been cleaned, you will have an amazing streak-free glass!

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