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Tips and Tricks with Tough Mudder Truck Wash

Muddy Truck Wash 

Getting caked on mud and grime off a truck is an easy and fun task when using the right tools and products. Set up with the Two Bucket System using the following; 2 Heavy Duty Detailing Buckets and 2 Dirt Traps. Pre-rinse inside the wheel well to remove caked on mud and grime. Diablo Wheel Gel is recommended to clean the wheels using alongside with our Easy Reach Wheel Brush or our New Red Rocket Wheel Brush for those hard to reach spaces of the wheel, you can then use our Soft Flagged Tip Bristles Green Brush to clean inside the barrel of the wheel and get any small grime off the wheel. Tires can be clean from grease and grime using our Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel, spraying the tire in the desired areas and scrubbing using our Stiffy Blue Brush for heavy duty scrubbing, start from the top working your way down for best results. 

Tough Mudder is the recommended soap as it is formulated to help break down caked on mud and grime. The first step to the washing process is to pre-rinse the truck to help remove any heavy caked on mud and grime that can actually damage or scratch your paint. The Big Mouth Foam Cannon is recommended for large trucks and vehicles, use about 1 to 3 ounces of Tough Mudder in the Big Mouth Foam Cannon and give it a shake to help mix the soap. Once the truck was pre-rinsed, you can spray the truck and foam it up from top to bottom making sure you cover all the angles and get all the crevices. Rinse the truck down after foaming, then foam it up again to make sure all the mud and grime is agitated. While the foam is still on the truck you can scrub it down using our Chenille Wash Mitt, place more water in the bucket, insert the Dirt Trap to help keep dirt and grime at the bottom of the bucket and apply about 1-ounce soap to help lubricate the wash mitt as you scrub it down. The final step would be to dry the truck, you can use either our Waffle Weave Drying Towel or our amazing ultra-soft plush Woolly Mammoth Dryer Towel to get a complete dry truck lint free and scratch free.


Time Needed

15 - 25 minutes





What else you’ll need

  • Chenille Wash Mitt 
  • Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket 
  • Dirt Trap
  • Woolly Mammoth Dryer Towel