Water Containment Mat & Water Reclamation System

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The Water Containment Mat is the best portable, freestanding water containment system on the market that captures car wash water for complying with water runoff regulations.

Use This Matt To: 

  • Inflate in less than 30 seconds
  • Catch dirty wash water
  • Withstand years of use
  • Comply with stringest water runoff regulations
  • Withstand years of detailing use

Free-Standing Inflatable Water Containment Mat

Simply pull any vehicle onto the mat, then wash all parts normally with any Chemical Guys cleaner. All chemicals, water, grease, dirt and grime is captured for responsible disposal. New and improved features include thicker .48 mm PVC, more rugged polyvinyl material, stronger seam welds, refined and strategically located valves for quick inflation and deflation, and a new and improved pump.

Set Up and Use is a Breeze!

Simply unroll the mat and inflate with the included heavy duty AC pump. The Containment Mat is the only free-standing detailing containment mat - no need for tedious setup with heavy metal brackets or supports. Inflatable 4” high bumpers capture water which is ready to be reclaimed using your wet/dry vacuum. When the job is done, simply flip the pump around and suck out all the air from the mat!.

Durable Construction Made To Be Driven Over

Super strong welds strengthen connections between different panels and inflatable burms for improved durability and longevity of the mat. Every Water Containment Mat is fully tested and inspected over three months before leaving the Chemical Guys facility. The inspection services ensure that every containment mat leaves the facility 100% defect-free and ready for use.

Note: Due to this inspection, there are no returns on this product unless it has not been opened. An unopened return would be at the expense of the customer and would also require a restock fee.


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