TORQ Snubby Pressure Washer Gun - Foam Cannon Attachment

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The Snubby makes shooting thick car washing foam all over your car manageable and easy for all with a compact design so you don’t have to use that long and unwieldy pressure washer wand!

Use This To:

  • Gain complete control over your wash
  • Get rid of that long pressure washer wand
  • Clean those hard to reach areas
  • Effortlessly douse your car in thick foam
  • Get unprecedented freedom with your foam cannon
  • Shoot foam with gas or electric pressure washers

Compact Design Makes Foaming Easy

Using a pressure washer and foam cannon is the best way to lay down thick car washing foam, however, that long pressure washer wand can be difficult to manage and control. They are long, unwieldy, and risk scratching your paint if you get too close. The Snubby shoots thick car washing foam with a compact design that keeps your foam cannon close to you for ultimate control and convenience!

Shoot Thick Car Wash Foam

The ergonomic design of the Snubby Foam Gun means that you can shoot thick foam without tiring out your hands. The grippy handle ensures you get a tight yet comfortable grip for ultimate control over your car wash. The high quality copper components of the Snubby mean this detailing tool is built to last. Each adapter is wrapped in Teflon to ensure the tightest seal and minimize leaking for the thickest foam possible.

Tech Specs

The Snubby comes with three adapters to fit your foam cannon and pressure washer. Simply attach the ¼” female quick release coupler to the Snubby to accommodate any compatible foam cannon and the 3/8” male quick release connector to your quick release gas or electric pressure washer to instantly shoot thick foam! Don’t have a quick release pressure washer? Use the M22 14MM twist and plug adapter to attach the Snubby to your pressure washer. The Snubby is super versatile, working with pressure washers up to 5,000 PSI and 10.5 GPM. It even works with water up to 300° F for the ultimate clean!

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  1. Ensure pressure washer is off.
  2. Determine if your pressure washer has a quick release or not.
  3. If your pressure has a quick release, attach the ⅜” Male Quick Release connector to the bottom of the Snubby, then attach to your pressure washer.
  4. If your pressure washer does not have a quick release, use the Twist & Plug Connector to attach the Snubby to your pressure washer.
  5. Attach the ¼” female Quick Release Coupler to the Snubby, then attach your compatible foam cannon.
  6. Ensure that foam cannon is securely attached and clicked in. Point in direction away from vehicle to test.
  • If using tip, ensure that it is attached and clicked in before use. Point in direction away from vehicle to test.
  • For your pressure washer, different fittings may be necessary (not included). The Snubby fits pressure washers that are compatible with a 3/8" Male Quick Release Connector or an M22 14mm Twist and Plug Connector.
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    1-5 Minutes





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    Pro Tip - Clean Your Undercarriage
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    Compact Snubby Design Easily Cleans Those Hard To Reach Areas

    Use the Snubby to finally get that filthy undercarriage sparkling clean! The ergonomic and compact design is perfect for wheel wells, undercarriages, suspension components and lifted trucks.

    • UPC: 842850103278
    • Applicable Locations: Exterior
    • Application Type: Clean
    • Machine Type: Pressure Washer
    • Weight: 2.05 lbs

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