Supreme Detailing Essentials Kit with SpeedLoad Carrying Caddy

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The Chemical Guys Supreme Detailing Essentials Kit with Detailing Storage Caddy is the kit that contains the products you need to clean, shine, and protect your car, truck, or SUV, and comes with the Speedload Carrying Caddy for easy storage and transportation on the go!

How to Use It - Chemical Guys

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Comes with Speedload Carrying Caddy to store all your Chemical Guys products
  • Clean virtually any interior & exterior surface with Total Interior Cleaner
  • Helps protect vinyl, rubber, and plastic pieces from harsh elements
  • Add a deep wet shine to your tires and trim with Tire Kicker

Restore the Shine to Your Car

Any proper detail starts with the wheels and with the Chemical Guys Supreme Detailing Essentials Kit, you can quickly and easily remove road grime, brake dust, dirt, and more to reveal the true OEM finish of your wheels with Diablo Wheel Cleaner, the versatile foaming formula that’s safe for all wheel types! Next, wash your car with tons of suds with Citrus Wash & Gloss and the Chenillle Microfiber Wash Mitt! This perfect combo of suds and soft chenille microfiber noodles help ensure that you don’t install swirls or scratches while removing dirt and grime.

Don't Forget to Clean and Protect Your Interior

Tackle that dirty interior with Total Interior and remove dirt, grime, fingerprints, body oils, dust, and more from virtually all interior surfaces, including dashboards, seats, carpets, fabric, glass, leather, door panels, and more! The versatile cleaner doesn’t just clean, it also leaves behind a layer of protection to help protect your interior surfaces from the harsh effects of the sun. For the perfect finishing touch, spray some Tire Kicker onto your included Microfiber Applicator, then rub onto your tires and trim to add a deep black shine back to your car! The versatile formula doesn’t just revive your exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic, you can also use it on your interior!

Storage Made Easy and Fun

Once you’re done with your detail, store all your Chemical Guys goodies in The SpeedLoad Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer! This collapsible caddy allows you to take all your favorite detailing chemicals and tools on the go so you can make your car shine anywhere, anytime, and can even be used for any other job around the car, house, yard, worksite, or office!

The Chenille Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of clean water and soap to drench any car in thick foaming suds for the ultimate scratch and swirl free washing experience.
Citrus Wash and Gloss is a powerful citrus based hyper-concentrated shampoo and gloss enhancer formulated to bring out a vibrant shine on all paint colors, making any car look just waxed and detailed! 
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Tire Kicker Extra Glossy Tire Shine
$9.99 $9.99 $16.99  MSRP
Tire Kicker is a sprayable water-based dressing that allows anyone to recreate that kickable bright wet shine of brand new cars on tires and other rubber, vinyl, and plastic around your car.
4 Sizes
Total Interior Cleaner And Protectant
$11.99 $11.99 $17.99  MSRP
Total Interior is the one product that cleans and protects virtually any car interior surface in three great scents! Simply mist and wipe for professional cleaning results everywhere, from the dashboard to glass and more!
3 Sizes
Sprayable Diablo Wheel Cleaner
$11.99 $11.99 $15.99  MSRP
Diablo Wheel Gel is a pH balanced wheel and rim cleaner that uses gentle oxygen infused foam to safely clean any wheel finish. This non caustic formula is perfect for weekly maintenance washes!
The Speed Load Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer is the limited edition convenient organization tool that allows for even faster access to your essential tools and supplies and keeps them within arm’s reach for easy cleaning anywhere!
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