Speed Mammoth Ultimate Super Plush Car Drying Towel (25" x 30")

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The Speed Mammoth Drying Towel is the large 25” x 30” ultra-plush drying towel coming in at half an inch thick that holds up to half a gallon of water designed to quickly and effectively remove water from your vehicle's surface, leaving it streak-free and spotless in no time!


Awesome Speed Mammoth Features:

  • Large 25x30” size dries fast and easy
  • Ultra-absorbent dense microfiber strands
  • Streamline design easily gets in tight spaces
  • Leaves your car with a clean and streak-free finish
  • Easy to maneuver on any size car
  • Perfect for smaller cars, and absorbent enough for larger cars
  • Helps reduce drying time for an ultra fast detail
  • Silk banded edges for a pristine scratch-free finish
  • Hanging loop for easy drying and storage

Fast & Efficient Drying

The Chemical Guys Speed Mammoth Drying Towel is the ultimate choice for those who demand fast and efficient drying without sacrificing quality or performance. By combining dense microfiber strands with a large size, the Speed Mammoth allows for faster and more efficient drying, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to dry your vehicle. The premium microfiber material also offers excellent absorbency and softness, ensuring a scratch-free and streak-free drying experience for any vehicle.

High Performance in an Easy to Use Package

The Speed Mammoth’s unique blend of microfiber materials makes the towel incredibly soft and gentle on your vehicle's surface and lightweight and comfortable to use. Premium silk banded edges ensure that every contact the towel makes with your paint is soft and supple and further helps reduce the chance of scratching, for a pristine finish every time. The added Handy Hanging Loop makes it easy to store and dry after use, for even more convenience! Whether you're a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, experience the speed and efficiency of this versatile and high-performance drying towel!

Streamlined Design

The Speed Mammoth's streamlined design allows for faster and more efficient drying, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to dry your vehicle. The versatile and convenient size allows it to be easy to maneuver, making it the perfect choice for tight spaces, such as door jambs and wheel wells. The Speed Mammoth's sleek design makes it a great choice for drying smaller cars, such as sports cars, coupes, and compact cars, but still absorbent enough for large vehicles. Experience the speed and efficiency of the Chemical Guys Speed Mammoth Drying Towel for yourself and take the hassle out of drying your car!

Black Frost Vent Clip

For best results, we recommend washing before first use.

Normal & High Efficiency Machines: 

  1. Separate microfiber towels by type into designated wash & dry loads.
  2. Machine wash microfiber goods with Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash and HOT water.
  3. Add 1 ounce for small wash loads; 2 ounces for medium loads; or 3 or more for large wash loads
  4. Machine dry microfiber goods on LOW heat.
  5. Do NOT use fabric softeners nor dryer sheets. 
How to Use It - Chemical Guys

Pro Tip

Use Microfiber Wash to Clean and Maintain Your Microfiber Towels & Accessories!

Clean Rinse Technology Dissolves The Toughest Of Grime, Oils and Stains

Simply using Microfiber Wash as your detergent maintains the original condition of microfiber by gently cleaning the fabric to preserve its softness.

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