Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Hooded Microfiber Bath Robe

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Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Hooded Microfiber Bath Robe

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The Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Hooded Microfiber Bathrobe is the softest, most comfortable and warmest robe you’ll ever wear! The premium hood, deep pockets, soft belt, and plush pile ensure that you’ll be wrapped in comfort every time you put on your Woolly Mammoth.
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  • Extra plush, ultra high pile microfiber for premium comfort
  • Large hood for drying your hair & warming your head
  • Long length extends down your legs for full body coverage
  • Makes a great gift
  • Two ultra deep pockets to keep hands warm
  • Strong but soft waist belt securely fastens your robe
  • Maximally plush pile & ultra thick pile are super soft
  • Includes premium gift box
  • Finish drying off after a long shower with ultimate comfort
  • Lounge around the house in ultimate relaxation
  • Two sizes to fit everyone
  • Packaged in gift ready box
  • Perfect for anyone

What makes the Woolly Mammoth Bath Robe awesome

Discover Premium Comfort

If you can’t get enough of your ultra absorbent Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Drying Towel and always wished you could wrap yourself in its plush pile, then you’re going to love the Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Microfiber Bathrobe - the most comfortable bathrobe you’ll ever wear! Made of premium, high pile microfiber, this extra warm, super soft robe will leave you reeling in relaxation and wishing you never have to take off your new favorite piece of clothing!

Your New Everyday Robe

Made of the same extra plush, ultra high pile microfiber as the Woolly Mammoth Towel, this lavish bath robe features a super soft hood, two ultra deep front pockets, an extra long length, and a fluffy belt so you can dry off fast, wrap yourself in warmth, and enjoy superior comfort all day long. After spending hours working hard, relax with the premium plushness and primal comfort of the Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Bathrobe! Use it after the shower, when you’re chilling around the house, or when you’re just feeling lazy and want to bask in ultimate comfort!

Get In Touch With Your Primal Side

Unwind with the ultimate relaxation of hooded softness. Dry off with the primal power of premium plushness. Live your life with the historic confidence of the Woolly Mammoth. The Chemical Guys Woolly Mammoth Ultra Plush Hooded Microfiber Bathrobe is the supremely comfy, superbly cozy, and super snuggly bathrobe that dries with the strength of the mastodon. Slip into this ultra soft robe and relax in a level of comfort that you thought extinct!

How to use the Woolly Mammoth

  1. Put on your Woolly Mammoth
  2. Marvel at its unmatched plushness and drying power
  3. Lay back and relax in unparalleled comfort and style

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