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Total Hydro Ceramic Car Care Detailing Kit

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What's In the Kit

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The Chemical Guys Monster Fluff Exterior Applicator is an ultra premium microfiber applicator for sensitive automotive finishes. Without proper touch or products, sensitive paint finishes collect millions of fine scratches that give the appearance of swirl marks under bright lights. 

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Workhorse Microfiber Towels are the professional detailer’s everyday towel, made with a super soft 70/30 microfiber blend. This multi-purpose towel has a short pile, perfect for scrubbing, wiping, and cleaning.

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The Chenille Car Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of clean water and soap to drench any car in thick foaming suds for the ultimate scratch and swirl free washing experience.

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HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap is a high-foaming soap infused with SiO2 to deliver ceramic protection and gloss for a jaw-dropping shine.

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HydroSlick is a true ceramic coating that provides superior protection, brilliant shine, and optical clarity. This gel formula is applied with an applicator and buffed off like a wax, and lasts for up to a year.

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HydroSpeed is an extremely versatile and easy-to-apply ceramic detailing spray. It uses hydrophobic polymers and nanoparticles of SiO2 to deliver a brilliant show car shine, durable all-weather protection, and intense water beading in seconds.

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Clay Luber lays down a coat of slick lubrication between the clay bar and your paintwork to help your clay bar or synthetic substitute glide and slide without getting stuck or marring the surface. 

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The OG Clay Bar is the classic favorite of detailing professionals and enthusiasts that removes light to medium levels of contamination to make rough vehicle paintwork feel smooth as glass.

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