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The Gripper 5" 3 Pack

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The Gripper is the elegant detailing solution that combines an ergonomic plastic handle with 3 microfiber applicator pads for effortless application of wax, sealant, glaze, dressings, and more.

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What Makes The Gripper 5" 3 Pack Awesome

Minimal Strain And Effort

Regular microfiber applicators are small, awkward, hard to hold, and can result in tired and sore hands. The Gripper takes away all the strain for trouble-free detailing! The sculpted plastic handle that slips right into your hand for easy spreading. This plastic handle uses hook and loop fasteners to grab ahold of the 3 included 5-inch diameter microfiber applicator pads for easy detailing.

Reduce Accidents And Mistakes

Foam and microfiber pads pick up any tiny pebbles, sand, dirt, and other abrasive grime once they hit the ground. The Gripper keeps the applicator in your hand and off the ground. The unique detailing tool increases precise application and handling of your favorite wax, glaze, sealant, or dressing, so you can keep product where it belongs and off nearby surfaces that it might discolor or stain.

  • Save your tired hands
  • Keep your applicators off the ground
  • Keep your paint scratch-free
  • Spread the perfect, thin even layer of product
  • Effortless spreading of product on surface

How To Use The Gripper 5" 3 Pack

  1. Prepare the surface with the appropiate cleaning/detailing/polishing steps first. 
  2. Prime the Gripper Applicator Pad with 2-4 line of preferred product. 
  3. Spread over the surface and work into a uniform, thin, and even coat over a large area. 
  4. Add 3-5 dots of product as needed and continue until the piece is coated as desired. 

Product Details

SKU(s) ACC_2004
Color White
Applicable Finishes Paintwork, Plastic, Rubber