Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer

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Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer

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The Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer is the absolutely massive, fully collapsible, super durable, ultra versatile car companion to help organize and store all of your detailing supplies, clothes, shoes, groceries, sports equipment and whatever else you can think of.
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What Makes Large Space Trunk Organizer Awesome

Take Back Your Car

With so much going on in your busy life and so much stuff to keep track of, clutter happens. Whether it’s a truckload of detailing supplies, an SUV stuffed with groceries, or a trunk full of clothes, it doesn’t take long for your car to get messy. The Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer is the huge 25” x 18” x 11.5” organizer that easily stores all your stuff so you can stay organized, keep clean, and take back your car. Keep loose bottles, gym gear, and runaway groceries from sliding all over your trunk or car and safely stowed away with the Ride Along! The Ride Along is fully collapsible for easy storage and fits perfectly in your trunk, on your seat, or even on your floor for maximum convenience.

Storage Made Simple

The Ride Along Large Space Trunk Organizer is so easy to use- just unfold it and load it! The Ride Along collapses down to a compact 18” x 4” x 11.5” so it can be easily stowed away when not in use. When it’s time to go, simply unfold it and insert the base plates and dividers and you’re ready to go. The Ride Along has six slip proof durable traction pads underneath to help keep it from sliding around and comes with straps so you can hook it into your trunk or around your seat for extra stability. Six exterior clasps connect to keep the Ride Along collapsed when not in use and can even be used to make a half-sized organizer or connect two or more organizers together for extra storage. With so much versatility and ease of use, the possibilities are endless with the Ride Along!

The Uses Are Endless

Don’t need all 25” of space? Partially collapse the Ride Along to form a 15” organizer, perfect for the front seat for easy access to those essential items! The Ride Along features eight mesh exterior pockets in two different sizes, perfect for storing bottles and cans of a variety of sizes, and two pop out pockets of different sizes, each with five compartments perfectly sized to store your 4oz detailing bottles. It’s the perfect storage place when taking your polisher on the go! The Ride Along can be used to store anything and everything, from detailing supplies, groceries, clothes, sporting equipment; the list goes on and on! And if one Ride Along still isn’t enough to store all your stuff, you can clasp two or more together to fit everything!

  • Fully organize your car with 25” x 18” x 11.5” of space (including pockets)
  • Perfectly stores all of your detailing supplies and products
  • Store groceries, clothes, shoes, equipment, and more
  • Fully collapses to 18” x 4” x 11.5” for easy storage
  • 2 removable base plates to keep everything upright
  • 2 removable dividers create numerous organizing pockets
  • 8 exterior mesh pockets for large and small bottle storage
  • 2 pop-out pockets with 5 interior pockets for 4oz bottles
  • 6 slip proof durable traction pads, hooks and straps
  • Strap two or more organizers together for extra storage
  • Organizer Only. Products Not Included

How To Use Large Space Trunk Organizer

  1. To open: unclasp and extend organizer
  2. Insert folded baseplate at the large-paneled end
  3. Insert small baseplate at the small-paneled end
  4. Insert large divider width-wise and attach to side velcro panels
  5. Insert small divider length-wise and attach to velcro on side panel and large divider
  6. To make half-size: remove small base plate, fold in the end with small panels, and clasp in the clasps

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