Professional Heavy-Duty Bottle & Sprayer

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Professional Heavy-Duty Bottle & Sprayer

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Hold more product and dispense 40% more solution than stock sprayers with the chemical-resistant Heavy-Duty Bottle & Sprayer. This is the sprayer bottle upgrade that professionals use to get big detailing jobs done faster and more efficiently, with an ergonomic handle, extra-large sprayer trigger, and chemical-resistant Viton O-ring seals.
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  • Dilute bulk products and save money
  • Mix and blend your own custom-strength chemicals
  • Spray wide for maximum coverage with minimal product
  • Dispense 40% more solution than with stock sprayers
  • Take on any detailing job anywhere, anytime
  • Keep up on extra-long details

What Makes Professional Heavy Duty Bottle & Sprayer Awesome

Superior Resistance To Detailing Products

The Heavy-Duty sprayer bottles use an ergonomic handle, extra-large sprayer trigger, and chemical-resistant Viton O-ring seals to keep up with the fastest detailers. Every pull from the sprayer handle pumps out over 40% more than stock sprayer heads with 1.3 ml per stroke. Cover a large area in a hurry. 

Versatile For Any Job

The Heavy-Duty Bottle & Sprayer is fully adjustable and can be set up for any type of detailing, cleaning, or sanitation job. Spray a fine mist of waterless car wash or quick detail spray, or focus the sprayer beam to clean tough-to-reach wheel and engine bay parts. The extra-large 32-ounce chemical-resistant sprayer bottle gives you the power and versatility you need to take on both large and small detailing jobs.

How To Use Professional Heavy Duty Bottle & Sprayer

Unscrew sprayer head and fill the bottle with your preferred detailing cleaner, degreaser, or detail spray. Use the pre-marked dilution ratio levels on the bottle to mix chemicals with water for the perfect amount of cleaning strength. (Find information on dilution ratios here.)

Reattach sprayer head and shake bottle to mix solution, then squeeze the trigger and dispense your foam product over the workpiece. Adjust the sprayer nozzle to your desired spray intensity.

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