Nifty Interior Detailing Brush

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Nifty Interior Detailing Brush

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Nifty Interior Detailing Brushes, available in standard or heavy duty, are built to scrub away set-in stains, fresh spills, dirt, sand, debris, and grime from all types of carpets, floor mats, and trunk liners.
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Brushing the Heavy Duty Nifty Interior Detailing Brush against a carpet floor mat
  • Among our Interior Brushes, the Nifty Interior Detailing Brush tackles the toughest stains on carpets, floor mats, and trunk liners. 
  • Versatile interior brushes suitable for a range of surfaces like fabric, vinyl, plastic, and rubber
  • Two brush options: a softer standard brush for light stains and sensitive fabrics and a heavy-duty brush for more intense cleaning
  • Designed with user comfort in mind, offering a sculpted handle for ergonomic support
  • Efficiently lifts dirt, debris, and stains without a chemical smell

What makes the Nifty awesome

Rugged Build Quality

Carefully crafted for durability, the Nifty Brushes come with a short handle that delivers direct scrubbing power to carpet and fabric surfaces. The densely packed bristles bring on a more efficient cleaning process, making each stroke a breeze. Suitable for use on automotive carpets, floor mats, and trunk liners, the Nifty Brush is a multi-purpose solution for all of your detailing needs.

Two Options to Handle any Mess

The Light Duty Brush features soft, synthetic bristles ideal for delicate fabrics and mild stains, while the Heavy Duty Brush tackles tough dirt, deep stains, and debris effortlessly. These versatile tools excel at combating even the most stubborn set-in stains and grime.

How to use the Nifty

Brush evenly onto carpets, fabric, or cloth. You can use with a vacuum to vacuum up dirt and debris as you clean your car’s interior. Or use with your favorite carpet and cloth cleaner.

Product Details

SKU(s) ACC_G21, ACCG25
Color Black, Yellow
Applicable Finishes Fabric, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber