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Nifty Interior Detailing Brush

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Nifty Interior Brushes are designed and manufactured to scrub away set-in stains, fresh spills, dirt, sand, debris, and grime from all types of carpets and floor mats.

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What Makes Nifty Interior Detailing Brush Awesome

Rugged Build Quality And Materials

Nifty Brushes feature a short handle for direct scrubbing power on any carpet and fabric. The injection molded handle is sculpted for maximum comfort and ergonomics, and creates a powerful and lightweight brush to agitate and lift all types of dirt and debris. Full synthetic chemical-resistant bristles are packed tight into the scrubbing head and arranged for efficient power with every stroke.

2 Brushes For All Messes

Use the Light Duty Brush’s soft, synthetic bristles to scrub sensitive fabrics and light stains and contamination. Use the Heavy Duty Brush to scrub intense dirt, stains, and debris. Super stiff bristles with an ergonomic handle transfer powerful scrubbing action into the toughest set-in stains and debris. The Nifty Brush can be used on any automobile carpet, floor mat, and trunk liner.

  • Clean without adding any chemical odors
  • Make filthy carpets a thing of the past
  • Freshen up floor mats in any car
  • Pair with Chemical Guys cleaners
  • Prepare for a stain extractor

How To Use Nifty Interior Detailing Brush

  1. Brush evenly onto carpets, fabric, or cloth
  2. Use along side a vacuum as you clean your interior
  3. Use on carpet, uphosltery, fabrics and more

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SKU(s) ACC_G21, ACCG25
Color Black, Yellow
Applicable Finishes Fabric, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber