Made in LA T-Shirt

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Made in LA T-Shirt

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The Chemical Guys Made in LA T-Shirt represents the brand that embodies the heart and soul of detailing and the place where shine was born: Los Angeles.
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What Makes A Made in LA T-Shirt Awesome

The Home Of Detailing

No matter where you go, let everyone know who dedicates themselves to the art of detailing and remind them of the place where innovation meets enthusiasm. If anyone forgets where passion and dedication for detailing is created, remind them that it’s Made in LA.

Engineered For Comfort

Loose fitting fabric, low grade cotton and shabby construction put a damper on the perfect detail. Chemical Guys constructs their shirts like they construct their tools: only to the highest standards. The Made in LA T-Shirt features seamless stitching that won’t harm paint. The elongated trunk of the shirt conceals belt buckles and buttons so you never beat yourself up about scratching paintwork. 

  • Flaunt the brand you love
  • Protect your car from scratches and swirls
  • Detail in style
  • Keep cool during long details in the sun
  • Show the world that you live and breathe detailing

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