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Light Duty Clay Bar

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Light Duty Clay Bar

Last Chance
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The Light Duty Clay Bar is the gentle solution for turning lightly rough or bumpy paintwork into a smooth-as-glass finish. This bar is great for delicately pulling out embedded contamination from new or garage-kept show cars.
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Decontaminating a black car with a piece of the Light Duty Clay Bar
  • Among our clay bars, the Light Duty Clay Bar is made for restoring lightly contaminated cars.
  • Restore a perfectly smooth, glass-like feel to contaminated paintwork
  • Extract light levels of pollution, industrial fallout, brake dust, and more
  • Ensure scratch-free and swirl-free polishing
  • Help your sealant, wax, and paint last their longest
  • Reach deep into pores for the ultimate clean

What makes Light Duty Clay Bar awesome

The Softest Clay For The Lightest Jobs

We all agree that a brand-new car should be pristine. However, even new cars and garage-kept show cars are susceptible to contamination that needs to be removed before it clogs buffing pads, induces extra scratches, and blocks fresh coats of wax from sticking to the surface. This flexible synthetic Light Duty Clay Bar conforms to every curve and contour with Flex-Clay Technology to give you the smoothest glass-like surface. 

Hi-Tech Formula For Versatile Use On Exterior

The Light Duty Clay Bar cleanses by pulling out light levels of embedded pollution, fallout, rail dust, brake dust, and overspray from the pores of clear and shiny surfaces. Use on surfaces like paint, clear plastic, glass, and polished metal. If left unchecked, these contaminants can ruin the shine of your car by blocking reflected light, scratching the surface, and causing paint to oxidize, tarnish, and peel. Use the Light Duty Clay Bar to keep your new ride looking its finest.

How to use Light Duty Clay Bar

Wash vehicle well to remove loose dirt and debris. Mist a 2’ x 2’ area generously with Clay Luber. Break off ⅓ of the clay bar, form it into a patty, then gently glide it back and forth across the surface until the clay glides freely. Buff each completed section dry with a microfiber towel and inspect the clay. If soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion again.

If you drop the clay or it becomes completely soiled, discard the piece of clay bar and continue with a fresh piece.

Product Details

SKU(s) CLY_401
Product Form Bar
Applicable Finishes Paintwork, Glass, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum
Paint Condition Like New, Good