Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer With Pad & Wool Cleaner Kit

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Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer With Pad & Wool Cleaner Kit

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The Universal Pad Washer is the professional’s secret to quickly clean, condition, and dry buffing and polishing pads to maintain maximum polishing effect in any detailing or body shop setting.
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What Makes Pad & Wool Cleaner Kit Awesome

Effortless Pad Cleaning

The Universal Pad Washer is the fastest and most convenient way to clean and refresh all kinds of polishing pads for efficient polishing work and best results. Instead of using a brush and elbow grease, the Universal Pad Washer uses the power of your dual action, rotary, or long throw polisher to deep clean foam, wool, and microfiber polishing pads.

Clean Pads Work Better

When polishing pads clog up with spent product and paint residue, they can no longer produce the correct amount of friction and produce sub-par polishing results and premature wear. Washing all types of polishing pads with the Universal Pad Washer removes more residues and particle abrasives than any other pad cleaning method or tool.

  • Clean and condition any polishing pad
  • Get maximum performance with your pads
  • Help your pads last their longest
  • Save pads from extra wear and tear

How To Use Pad & Wool Cleaner Kit

  1. Depress Grit Guard screen down inside the bucket and fill with water.
  2. Add three 16 oz. bottle capfuls (or one 1 gallon jug capful) of Pad Cleaner into the bucket.
  3. Attach the soiled polishing pad to your machine polisher.
  4. Insert into the Universal Pad Washer, then close the splash shield lid.
  5. Pump the pad into the cleaning solution to soak the buffing surface.
  6. Then hold it inside the water and spin the machine on its lowest speed setting.
  7. Work the spinning pad in and out of the water for 20 seconds.
  8. Hold buffing pad outside of the water underneath the splash shield.
  9. Fling out all soaked up water.
  10. Allow the spinning machine to fling out the water for about 20 seconds.

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