Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad

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Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad

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The Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad blends the cutting power of a cutting pad with the finesse of a finishing pad. It effectively removes light to moderate swirls, scratches, and oxidation to restore reflection, clarity, and depth to your vehicle's paintwork
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  • Cuts and shines in one single step
  • Restores a deep gloss and shine
  • Gently removes swirls, scratches, and water spots
  • Maximizes surface contact

What Makes Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad Awesome

Combines Multiple Polishing Steps into One

The Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad offers a safer alternative to cutting pads for sensitive paint finishes, cutting and polishing in a single pass. Use the pad with a one-step polish such as VSS or V4 AIO  to eliminate swirls, scratches, and oxidation, while enhancing gloss, depth, and reflection. 

Latest Technology For Greatest Cutting Power

Similar to how bees use a honeycomb to distribute honey and pollen, Hex-Logic Pads keep polish in the grooves for even distribution as the pad spins. This design delivers a superior, accurate finish while reducing friction and marring. The hex laser-cut surface conforms to any shape, providing maximum surface contact while minimizing heat buildup. The pad’s Hex-Logic technology also adapts to curved, angled, sloped, or flat surfaces, giving you consistent, professional-level results with each use. 

How To Use Green Hex-Logic Heavy Polishing Pad

  1. Center the Pad onto the backing plate.
  2. Apply 5 dime-size dots of compound or polish.
  3. Spray Polishing Pad Conditioner onto the face of the pad. 
  4. Work product onto the surface of the vehicle.

Product Details

Color Green
Applicable Finishes Paintwork
Paint Condition Good, Okay