Galactic Tee Shirt - 500K EXCLUSIVE

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Galactic Tee Shirt - 500K EXCLUSIVE

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Take your look and comfort intergalactic with the Galactic Tee, the shirt that lets everyone know your favorite detailing company in out-of-this-world style.
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What Makes Galactic Tee Shirt Awesome

Why Be Good When you can be Great?

Here at Chemical Guys, we don’t believe in just good, we believe in out-of-this-world great- that's why we created a shirt that's truly otherworldly! The starry imagery on the front of this premium 100% cotton tee perfectly encapsulates the cosmos, inspiring greatness, and wonder. Look closer and you might just see yourself! You wouldn’t settle for wearing any old rag, so throw this shirt on so everyone knows that you expect the best and won't settle for anything less!

Out of this World Comfort

Detailing? Going out with friends? Chilling at home or headed to work? Throw on this tee to make every day special and comfy! The shirt is made from cotton so soft, your celestial body would swear it’s not wearing anything at all. The tagless design means that there’s nothing getting in-between you and the extra soft cotton, so you’re always chilling in supreme comfort. The extra breathable cotton keeps you cool on those hot details under the sun, so even when you’re hard at work, you look and feel amazing!

  • Take your look out of this world
  • Detail in supreme comfort + style 
  • Look cool + feel cool 
  • Rep the company that makes your UFO shine
  • Let your passion shine through 
  • Shine bright like the stars!

How To Use Galactic Tee Shirt

  1. Take shower.
  2. Put on shirt.
  3. Look like a Super Star!

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