Factory Finish Trim Coating and Protectant

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Factory Finish Trim Coating and Protectant

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Factory Finish is the easiest way to restore a fresh black OEM look to plastic and vinyl parts and protect them against harmful elements like solar damage. Simply point, spray, and enjoy a “fresh from the factory” like-new shine.
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  • Among our trim and plastic cleaners, Factory Finish is the best high-shine liquid aerosol spray for restoring black trim.
  • Shields and protects against future solar damage
  • Finishes dry to the touch with no greasy feel
  • Wipe off excess to reveal a natural look
  • Eliminates chalky residue, leaving behind a glossy black finish.

What Makes Trim Coating and Protectant Awesome

Stays Where It Sprays

Factory Finish sprays a protective black shine onto trim, grilles, and engine parts in seconds. The custom tip sprays a fine aerosol mist to easily coat thin, low-profile accessories, narrow trim pieces, non-rubber coolant lines, and plastic engine covers with minimal overspray. The fine atomized formula stays where it sprays for maximum new shine with minimal product waste. 

Deep Protection Against The Elements

Factory Finish actively nourishes and protects dried-out plastic and vinyl trim pieces. The premium essential oils contained in the formula penetrate deep into plastic and vinyl to restore a like-new look and feel. Factory Finish also comes blended with UV blocking agents that repel harmful sun rays that would break down and damage grilles, vents, and trim. Keep your ride looking new longer with Factory Finish.

How To Use Trim Coating and Protectant

Shake well before using. Hold the can 5 - 10 inches from the surface and mist an even coat over any clean and dry black plastic or vinyl car part. Leave to air dry for an extra wet shine, or wipe off excess for natural appearance. Layer extra coats for extra wet shine.

Product Details

Product Form Aerosol
Applicable Finishes Plastic, Rubber

Chemical & Ingredient Information

Chemical disclosures and material safety data sheet.