Easy Grip Hex-Logic Applicator

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Easy Grip Hex-Logic Applicator

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The Easy Grip Hex-Logic Applicator combines a comfortable base handle with soft Hex-Logic foam to precisely spread the perfect coat of any tire shine, dressing, or sealant.
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Spraying Silk Shine Dressing on an Easy Grip Hex-Logic Applicator
  • Among our applicators, the Easy Grip pad has a high-density grip for easier spreading and cleaner hands. 
  • Handy applicator for tire & trim 
  • High-density EVA foam
  • Conforms to surface contours for maximum contact
  • Get complete coverage and reliable results
  • Apply with no product bleed-through or sloppy mess
  • Keep fingers and hands clean and dry
  • Get a soft, scratch-free touch

What makes the Easy Grip Hex-Logic Applicator awesome

Dual-Foam Design Keeps Product Where It Belongs

Normal applicator pads allow products to seep through the grip and get all over your hands. This applicator uses a dense core foam grip that won’t transfer any creams, liquids, or gels through it. This simple design keeps those products off your fingers and adds a stable base for comfortable and precise spreading.

Versatile No-Mess Applicator

Using the Easy Grip Applicator saves product, time, and the integrity of your surface from swirls and scratches. The plush foam and Hex-Logic grooves will evenly spread tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant products. Easily spread any cream, paste, or gel coating over painted surfaces, with minimal mess.

How to use the Easy Grip Hex-Logic Applicator

Use on a newly cleaned surface only. Apply 3-6 dots of Chemical Guys’ cream or gel product onto the pad and spread over the desired surfaces in straight lines. Use consistent pressure to ensure a thin, even coat over the entire surface.

Store in a clean, dry place between uses.  To clean your pads between uses and keep them in top condition, use our Foam & Wool Polishing Pad Cleaner.

Product Details

SKU(s) ACC220
Color White, Black
Applicable Finishes Leather, Faux Leather, Vinyl, Glass, Paintwork, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum