Duck Foaming Trigger and Sprayer Bottle

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Duck Foaming Trigger and Sprayer Bottle

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The Duck Foaming Sprayer turns any car cleaning chemical into a powerful foaming mega cleaner that sticks to filthy surfaces. Get the deepest clean with a minimal amount of effort. Make your detailing job easier with the extra-large 32 oz solution bottle, with a labeling area and dilution ratio chart conveniently printed right on the side.
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  • Dilute any product right in the spray bottle and get your desired solution strength
  • Get better spray results with less product
  • Turn thin liquid into thick sticky foam
  • Get enhanced cleaning power with less scrubbing
  • Tackle detailing jobs inside and outside the vehicle
  • Extra-large 32oz solution bottle with handy label area and dilution ratio chart right on the bottle

What Makes Duck Foaming Trigger and Sprayer Bottle Awesome

Spray Foam For Best Results

When spraying on a car detailing spray or cleaner, if you have a thin liquid it usually just runs down the surface. Get foaming spray with the Duck Foaming Trigger and Spray Bottle. Every pull of the Ducky Trigger sprayer pumps out 3.5 ml of foam cleaning product for fast and efficient coverage. The fully adjustable nozzle can be set up for spraying your desired stream of cleansing foam for the job at hand. 

Extra-Large 32 Oz. Bottle For Easy Mixing

Foaming cleaners are better at sticking onto the dirty car part to fully clean and degrease. Fill the Duck Foaming Trigger and Spray Bottle with your favorite Chemical Guys degreaser, wheel cleaner, or all-purpose cleaner to turbocharge your detailing process. The extra-large 32 oz solution bottle gets the job done quickly.

How To Use Duck Foaming Trigger and Sprayer Bottle

refilling bottle

Unscrew sprayer head and fill the bottle with your preferred detailing cleaner, degreaser, or detail spray. Use the pre-marked dilution ratio levels on the bottle to mix chemicals with water for the perfect amount of cleaning strength. Reattach sprayer head and shake bottle to mix solution, then squeeze the trigger and dispense your foam product over the workpiece. Adjust the sprayer nozzle for precise foam thickness control as needed.

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