Complete Bucket Essentials Kit

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Complete Bucket Essentials Kit

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Elevate your car washing game with the Ultimate Bucket & Dolly Detailing Kit. Perfect for both beginners and pros, this kit makes it easy to keep your car looking its best while simplifying your detailing process. Get ready for a cleaner, more efficient wash and enjoy professional results every time! 
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What's in the Kit

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This innovative design features nearly 300 cyclonic funnels that trap dirty wash water beneath the filter, ensuring that abrasive particles stay away from your wash mitt during the wash. Achieve a flawlessly clean finish without worrying about scratches.
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The Freeloader Bucket & Dolly Organizer is the easy way to store and access all your supplies while you detail! Your detailing arsenal is always within an arm’s reach with two brush containment units. Attaches to your heavy-duty bucket.
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This Heavy-Duty Clear Bucket holds over 4 gallons and makes car washing, storage, and detailing easier. Combines with the Cyclone Dirt Trap insert and the Bucket Lid, which converts the bucket to a handy seat.

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