Clay Block Surface Cleaner

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Clay Block Surface Cleaner

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The Clay Block is the next-generation clay bar that’s the fastest, easiest, and safest way to remove contamination from paintwork and glass. It will make your vehicle feel as smooth as silk and help wax and sealant to last longer.
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Decontaminating a white car exterior with the Clay Block
  • Among our clay bar products, the Clay Block is great for the restoration of a smooth surface without worry of dropping it.
  • Restores a smooth surface to any car without worry of dropping it (and compromising your ability to finish the job)
  • Works for light to heavy-duty jobs
  • Easily and effortlessly decontaminates any car
  • Treats numerous cars with one product 
  • Helps wax and sealant coat last their longest

What makes Clay Block awesome

Ultimate Versatility 

Traditional detailing clay has limitations: the mere act of dropping traditional detailing clay can embed it full of abrasive dirt that scratches paint and you’ll need a new piece. However, the Clay Block is different. If dropped on the ground, simply rinse the Clay Block with warm water and you can reuse it. The Clay Block is designed to be easy to handle with a cushion grip that conforms to the shape of your hand and spreads even pressure over the surface.

Get The Best Results Every Time

The Clay Block makes removing overspray, industrial fallout, brake dust, and contamination easier than ever. It removes embedded contaminants that would reduce the longevity of your wax coat and degrade your paint at the molecular level. Once overspray and contamination are removed from the surface, waxes and sealants bond directly to your paintwork for longer-lasting protection.

How to use Clay Block

Wash entire vehicle, making sure the surface is clean and large particles are rinsed away. Spray a liberal amount of Clay Luber on the work area. Work in 2’ x 2’ areas at a time, and glide the clay substitute back and forth over the surface in straight lines until a smooth feel is achieved. Buff each completed section dry with a microfiber towel.

If dropped, or the surface becomes soiled, use Luber and a microfiber towel to scrub the clay block clean before proceeding.

Product Details

Color Black
Applicable Finishes Glass, Paintwork
Paint Condition Good, Okay, Poor