P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish (16oz)

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P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish is the easy-to-use one step polish for scratch and swirl removal that delivers a brilliant deep reflection, high gloss finish, and perfect paint finish in the fastest way possible.

Awesome P4 Features:

  • Removes fine swirls, scratches, and towel marks
  • Delivers mirror-like extreme reflection
  • Incredible results in shortest time possible
  • Works with DA, rotary, and by hand
  • Corrects 2000 grit and finer sanding marks
  • Virtually no dusting and no residue
  • Works great on ceramic coatings
  • Use it as a one step
  • Produces rich, ultra deep reflections
  • Ensures your coating bonds properly
  • Perfect follow up to C4 Compound

The Look Of Perfection

When only perfection will do, Chemical Guys P4 easily and quickly helps gently remove fine swirls, towel marks, and scratches delivering a mirror-like reflection as the final step in your polish. With P4, speed is of the essence and long work times are not required, so you can get incredible results in the shortest time possible. When you’re looking for a truly perfect finish with deep gloss, P4 polish technology effortlessly produces flawless results with your DA or rotary polisher. The versatile polish is capable of correcting 2000 grit and finer sanding marks without dusting or leaving behind residue, making this polish extremely easy to use and work with.

Versatile Polish For All Cars

Ultra-fine abrasives used in P4 are specially developed for all paints including ceramic coated vehicles to remove microscopic amounts of paint quickly and leave the paint incredibly glossy, shiny, and haze-free. P4 is the perfect follow up to C4, but it also works great on ceramic coated cars to remove minor imperfections while maintaining the integrity of your coating, on newer cars, or cars that just need a light one-step polish and to produce rich, deep reflections. The level of refinement achievable with this jeweling polish allows you to truly achieve a show quality shine.

Prep Your Paint With P4

You don’t apply lotion without taking a shower first, so why would you apply a ceramic before polishing? Prepping your car with P4 Polish ensures that your wax, sealant, or ceramic coating makes contact with a totally bare surface, maximizing coating adhesion and durability. It is vital that a paint correction is performed prior to application of a hand-applied ceramic coating as a ceramic coating will “lock-in” these clear coat imperfections, making them very difficult to fix. Achieve a mirror-like gloss and deep reflections in minimal time with Chemical Guys P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish!


Dual Action Polisher

Shake well and apply 4-5 drops to desired pad. Prime pad with Pad Conditioner. Dab product out evenly across 2' x 2' section. Turn on the machine on paint to speed setting 1 to spread product. Increase speed to 5-6 and using moderate pressure, work area in 2-3 passes until the product becomes clear. Follow with light pressure to finish. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.

Rotary Polisher

Shake well and apply 4-5 drops to desired pad. Prime pad with Pad Conditioner. Dab product out evenly across 2' x 2' section. Turn on machine away from the paint to a setting in between 1000-1500 RPMs to spread product. Using just the weight of the machine (no pressure) work area in 3-4 passes until the compound becomes clear. For the final pass adjust the speed setting to between 1200-1800 RPMs. Work until optical clarity is achieved. Remove residue with a clean microfiber cloth.


1 – 5 Hours




Wash Surface, Decontaminate, Wipe Out

How to Use It - Chemical Guys


Got even deeper scratches? Use C4 Compound before finishing off with P4 Polish for a truly flawless finish and showcar shine!

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Got light swirls and scratches? Use P4 Polish as a one step product to remove minor imprefections and restore a mirror finish. Perfect for newer cars, cars that just a maintenance polish, or recently detailed rides.

  • UPC: 842850106804
  • Applicable Materials: Painted Surfaces
  • Product Features: Remoce Scratches
  • Applicable Locations: Exterior
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs

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