Leather Cleaner & Protectant Serum Complete Leather Kit

$28.99 $28.99 $37.98  MSRP

The Leather Cleaner and Leather Serum Kit delivers the perfect one-two punch to restore, then preserve the natural look and feel of soft new leather.

Use This To

  • Breathe new life into your leather
  • Preserve strength, durability, appearance
  • Penetrate pores to lift and suspend dirt & oils, then nourish and protect from the inside out
  • Clean leather without staining or changing texture
  • Help resist cracking and fading
  • Restore a stock new matte leather sheen/li>

Make Your Leather Feel & Look New Again

Brand new leather does not look shiny or feel slippery: it’s the buildup of body oils, grease, grime, and filth that gives the leather a glossy appearance. Leather Cleaner lifts and separates grease and dirt from deep within the pores of the material, ensuring a thorough cleaning job.

Wipe Away Oils and Impurities

The natural fibers of leather will break down with the passage of time, harsh elements like UV rays, sulfurous and nitrous pollutants in the air. When you take care of leather, it is important to clean the leather first before you apply a conditioner. After all, you don’t put lotion on before taking a shower! Leather Cleaner penetrates deep into the pores to lift up the dirt and dust for easy clean-up.

Durable Leather Coating Technology

By moisturizing the hide and blocking harmful UV rays, Leather Serum helps prevent cracking, fading, and discoloration that makes older leather look terrible. Leather Serum is a protective coating that shields leather from withering in the harshest elements. It finishes with a natural sheen without any extra glossy shine, and protects and enhances leather for up to 16 months.

4 Sizes
Leather Cleaner Color Less & Odor Less Super Cleaner
$10.99 $10.99 $14.99  MSRP
Leather Cleaner is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, grease, body oils, sweat, food residue, and light stains from fine natural leather, durable sealed leather, and synthetic leather materials.
2 Sizes
Leather Serum Protectant
$27.99 $27.99 $35.99  MSRP
Leather Serum is a unique protectant that restores a soft supple feel to leather and protects against fading from harsh UV rays and light stains from normal use.
  1. Start by cleaning dirt, grease, and body oils from leather surfaces with Leather Cleaner
  2. After leather is clean, spread 1 - 3 lines of product on a premium microfiber applicator pad
  3. Spread cream evenly over the workpiece, then massage deep into the hide like rubbing lotion into the skin
  4. Buff off any excess product.
  • UPC: 842850108440
  • Applicable Materials: Leather
  • Applicable Locations: Interior
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs