How to Remove Bad Odors from Your Car's Interior

How to Eliminate Bad Odors

There's nothing like the feeling of getting inside your fresh new car and hitting the road, but bad odors can really take the joy out of the joy ride. Old food left in the car, cigarette smoke, foul gym odor or just smelly friends can really stink up your car. Here are some steps to follow to help you eliminate those irritating odors. 

Step 1

Identify the bad odor and where is coming from. Check under the seats, back of the car, even the center console. Clean out the car from bulky trash or whatever might be causing the smell. 

Step 2

After you have removed any bulky trash or the culprit of the bad odor, proceed by vacuuming the car. Start at the seats, from top to bottom working your way to the floor and floor mats. Make sure you get all hidden sections of the car to ensure nothing is left behind. 

Step 3

Once you have completed the vacuum, get your favorite Chemical Guys air freshener and spray generously towards the floor of the car. It is recommended two to three sprays per section, that will help eliminate the bad odors.

Step 4

The final step includes your A/C system. Turn up the air flow to the max capacity and set your A/C to cycle mode. This will circulate the air freshener all over your car and help eliminate the bad odors even faster! Now you can enjoy a cruise minus the foul odors. 

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