The 5 Don'ts of Washing Your Car

#1: Don't use the wrong soap

Washing a Porsche with Sudpreme Wash & Wax

Dish soap does not belong on your ride!

Using the wrong soap can damage your clear coat as well as any glazes, sealants,  ceramics, or other protection your car might have. Instead, use a gentle, high-foaming soap designed specifically for car washing.

It's pH balanced to protect your paint while still removing stuck-on dirt and grime. It also contains carnauba wax to add a rich glow base as you wash.

#2: Don't use household products to scrub your vehicle

Holding a Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Once again: your vehicle is not a dish, so you should not be using an abrasive dish sponge or towel to clean it! Instead of a random t-shirt or rag that can create scratches, we recommend using our Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt.

The extra plush microfiber is ultra-absorbent and can hold tons of soapy suds, so you can wash your vehicle with the safest touch.

#3: Don't scrub before a pre-rinse

Rinsing a Porshe

A dirty ride is going to have a lot of dirt, grime, and debris stuck to it, and if you don't pre-rinse before scrubbing, all those contaminants are just going to swirl around and damage your exterior.

To minimize that surface level of grime, use the ProFlow PM2000 Performance Electric Pressure Washer or your hose to rinse the car and remove the initial layer of debris.

#4: Don't scrub the bottom first

Washing a Porshe Window

We always want to wash efficiently, and that means starting at the top of your car and working down. There are two reasons for this:

First, the bottom of your car is a lot dirtier than the top, as that's where mud and grime is going to splatter. If you clean there first and then move to the top, you risk transferring some of that dirt to the top of the car where it can damage your paint.

Second, as you clean, simple gravity causes abrasive dirt and debris to flow down, so you will end up redirtying areas you just cleaned! Instead, clean your car from top to bottom, working your wash mitt in straight lines, never circular motions.

#5: Don't use bath towels, rags, t-shirts, etc. to dry your vehicle

Drying a Porsche

Don't risk scratching your vehicle at the very last step! The cheap material and rough seams on rags, t-shirts, or bath towels can damage your paint, and they're not even absorbent enough to dry your ride quickly.

Instead, use the Speed Mammoth Drying Towel, which features dense microfiber strands, silk-banded edges, and a large size to dry your vehicle quickly and easily while reducing risk of scratching.

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