How to Protect Your Car Wheels

Enthusiasts and detailers spend hours polishing and detailing the outside of their cars, but very few get deep into cleaning their wheels; let alone protecting them. Wheels are one of the key components that truly make a car stand out, but what does that mean if you’re not going to take care of them and let the finish go to waste. Sure, you may clean your wheels, but do you ever think about protecting them too? Take them to the next level of shine and protect them to ensure an easier time cleaning them and make them look better for longer by repelling brake dust, water spots and harmful UV rays. We have two great products for protecting wheels: Wheel Guard and Max Coat. The main difference between the two is Wheel Guard is a wax while Max Coat is a sealant, but either is perfect for protecting wheels!

Let's get started! For this part of the article we're going to assume that you have already properly cleaned your wheels and are now ready to start protecting them and revealing a higher shine! Follow these simple steps to protect your wheels!

Step 1: Prep

Wheel Guard Being Applied To Applicator

We will start off by ensuring that our wheel is completely contamination free (dirt, grime, dust etc.) and have all proper items required in order for us to complete the steps below. First, we will need either Wheel Guard or Max Coat, which is what we will be applying to our wheels. Also, we will need a foam or microfiber applicator pad to apply our product onto the finish of the wheels. Lastly, we will need a few premium microfiber towels to buff the product off the wheels and a few extras just in case you drop one of your towels.

Step 2: Apply

Max Coat Applied to a Wheel

First, we will begin by getting our Wheel Guard or Max Coat and giving it a quick, vigorous shake. Then, we open up the product. Next, grab an applicator pad and lightly dip it into the can — not too much — as a little bit goes a long way! Now, once your applicator pad has some product on it, gently dab it onto the face and spokes of the wheel to distribute the product throughout the wheel. Then you will simply glide your applicator in straight motions all over the wheel. Make sure to get in between the spokes, the face, and the barrel of the wheel to ensure complete application. Once you've applied an even coat throughout the whole wheel, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes so that the product can bond properly to the surface.

Step 3: Wipe Off

Wiping Off and Buffing Car Wheels

Now, the product has flashed (you can tell when the product has a light haze and wipes off completely) you are ready to remove the product. To remove the product, grab one of your premium grade microfiber towels and simply proceed to buff off the product from all areas of the wheel.

By following all the steps above you have successfully sealed and protected your wheels from everyday contaminants that cause corrosion and damage to wheels such as brake dust, dirt, and road grime. Max Coat is synthesized with an anti-static polymer that repels brake dust, water spots and UV rays from eating away at the finish of the wheel. Wheel Guard is a specialty synthetic wax developed just for wheels and brake components to protect against brake dust, grime, dirt, mud, water, and more to keep wheels clean and shiny for longer! No matter which wheel protector you choose, your wheels will be safe to conquer the road!

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