How to Polish Metal on Your Car

Metal can be found on almost any car whether it’s a chrome bumper, stainless steel exhaust tips, aluminum wheels or any other type of metal part. Over time, metal can become oxidized and lose its shine and luster but fear not! Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish and Light Metal Polish are the perfect way to remove oxidation with ease.

Do You Need a Heavy or Light Metal Polish?

A simple way to remember the difference between Heavy Metal Polish and Light Metal Polish is that Heavy contains abrasives while Light does contain abrasives and instead relies on the chemical reaction between polish and metal to remove oxidation. This means that Heavy is more aggressive and best suited for really oxidized metal whereas Light is less aggressive and is best suited for only mildly oxidized metal. Both metal polishes are applied the same exact way so the following “How To” steps will work great for either!

Steps to Polish Your Metal

Step 1: Apply It

Adding Heavy Metal Polish to a Microfiber Applicator

Shake up the bottle of polish and then apply just a few dime-sized dots to a microfiber applicator. A little bit of product goes a long way, so don’t overload the applicator with product.

Step 2: Work It

Polishing Metal Car Bumper

Simply work the polish into the metal using the applicator. Work in linear, back and forth strokes of the hand. There’s no need to apply a ton of pressure, let the product do the work and just glide the applicator back and forth making sure to cover the entirety of the metal. The chemical may turn black, but that is just the contamination being removed from the metal.

Step 3: Wipe It

Polishing a Metal Car Bumper with a Microfiber Towel

Take a gray microfiber towel and wipe away any excess product to reveal the rejuvenated, shiny metal! If desired, you may apply a sealant or wax after to add even more shine and protection!

Don't Forget About These Alternative Methods

Machine + Orange Hex Logic Pad

If you need to polish a large area of metal, like the side of a big steel truck, then use a machine to apply the polish. This will save you an abundance of time as the machine can spread the polish faster than you would be able to by hand. As far as machines go, try using a TORQ10FX with an Orange Hex-Logic Pad to get the job done! Follow the same steps as above but simply replace the hand applicator with the machine.

Machine + Microfiber Cutting Pad

If you need to polish diamond plate, then use a machine but this time with a Microfiber Cutting Pad. The Microfiber Cutting Pad is best for diamond plate as it is more aggressive and can remove hidden oxidation stuck in the grooves of the diamond plate.

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