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How to clean wheels

Wheel Cleaning

Cleaning wheels may be a tedious task, here are some simple tips on how to clean them properly.

Well Maintained Wheels

On well maintained wheels, we recommend the Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing brush, it works great not just on rims but it may be used on grills, exhaust tips and more. Diablo Gel is a great wheel cleaner, it's a pH balanced formula and works on all types of wheel finishes. It may be diluted to a 3:1 ratio, in a Secondary Container Dilution Bottle or in a Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket accompanied with a Cyclone Dirt Trap. Before cleaning the wheels, we recommend rinsing down the wheel from top to bottom to remove superficial brake dust and grime. After, activate Diablo Gel by applying water pressure into your bucket to get a nice foam. Diablo Gel foams up very nice to deliver high sudsing lubrication to deliver a scratch free wash. Insert the Show Car Wheel brush into wheel bucket to lubricated brush and start cleaning. We recommend cleaning the wheels from top and then work around the wheel to avoid re-contaminating a clean surface. The Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush works great to get into intricate areas behind the wheel and calipers. To get into more intricate areas around the wheel, we recommend the Boars Hair Brush to clean lug nuts and tighter areas around wheel spokes.Simply dip the Boars Hair brush into the wheel bucket to add lubrication, then clean intricate tight areas. To clean the face of the wheel, we recommend the Green Wheel & Tire Brush, it is super soft and contains flagged bristles that allows it to easily clean brake dust and dirt. After the wheel is done, simply rinse down the wheel and proceed to the next wheel.

Neglected Wheels

Neglected wheels tend to be more difficult to clean due to brake dust embedding itself into the wheel finish. To clean super dirty wheels, we recommend Decon Pro Iron Remover and Diablo Wheel Gel for extra cleaning power. Decon Pro removes stubborn brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and lower body panels. Simply spray Decon Pro onto the face of the wheel and allow it to penetrate the wheel finish for about 1-2 minutes. Decon Pro will turn purple, it means the wheel contained a lot of iron deposits. If Decon Pro does not turn purple, it will still work and still provide a heacy duty clean solution. For heavier brake dust, we recommend the Show Car Wheel and Rim Detailing brush, it contains the same design as the Easy Reach Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush, but the bristles are more aggressive to help penetrate brake dust and release it a lot more quicker. We always recommend starting at the highest point of your wheel and work your way around it, to avoid re-contaminating clean surfaces. When working with wheels that contain heavy brake dust, we recommend constantly rinsing it off to see which areas you’ve missed or needs more cleaning. If needed, add more Decon Pro or Diablo Gel as you go for extra cleaning power. Then to reach into intricate areas such as lug nuts, we recommend the Boars Hair Brush. Simply spray Decon Pro onto bristles and scrub away. To finish off the face of the wheel, use the Green Wheel & Tire Brush to remove any last dirt and grime from the face of the wheel. Then after your wheels are clean it is ready for your desired tire shine. Be sure to degrease your tires with Orange Degreaser and scrub out old the tire shine with the Blue Stiffy Brush to allow proper bonding and allow your tire shine last longer.

Maintaining Your Foam Cannon

Time Needed

15 - 25 minutes





What else you’ll need

  • Bucket
  • Garden hose or pressure washer
  • Water
  • Dirt Trap