Best 10-Piece Car Wash Bucket Kit

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The Chemical Guys Best 10-Piece Car Wash Bucket Kit contains everything you need to give your car the perfect wash, then maintain it and make it shine!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • 10 essential items for the perfect wash
  • Wash your entire car with one kit
  • The products you need for the safest & most sensitive wash
  • Contains the chemicals & accessories you need
  • · Limited quantity kit - get yours while you can!

Easy to Use Car Wash Kit

It’s time to upgrade your car wash! The Chemical Guys 10-Piece Car Wash Bucket Kit has the products you need to take your car wash to the next level. From the ultra-sudsy and slick soap to the Dirt Trap Car Wash Filter Bucket Insert and the soft Chenille Wash Mitt, this kit contains products specifically designed to wash your car with the softest and most sensitive touch for a perfect finish.

More Than Just a Wash

The utility of this kit doesn’t stop after a wash- the Chemical Guys 10-Piece Car Wash Bucket Kit also includes a versatile water based dressing to add a deep wet shine to your exterior and interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic, including your tires, trim, dashboard, door panels, and more! Each kit also contains Speed Wipe Quick Detailer to help maintain your car in between full washes. Simply spray and wipe to remove light dust and dirt anywhere!

Disclaimer: Please note that the color and or packaging on accessories featured in the kit may vary from what is displayed in the image.

Cyclone Dirt Trap
$10.99 $10.99 $15.99  MSRP
The Cyclone Dirt Trap is a car wash filter that uses nearly 300 cyclonic funnels to trap dirty wash water under the filter and keep abrasive particles off your mitt for the perfect scratch-free wash.
3 Sizes
VRP Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic Shine and Protectant
$11.99 $11.99 $15.99  MSRP
VRP is an easy-to-use protectant that restores a deep black look, enhances shine, and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces against harmful UV solar rays.
Citrus Wash and Gloss is a powerful citrus based hyper-concentrated shampoo and gloss enhancer formulated to bring out a vibrant shine on all paint colors, making any car look just waxed and detailed! 
Ever wish you could see exactly what is going on inside your bucket? Well, now you can with the all-new Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket! It’s the perfect way to see all that dirt and grime that you pull off your car during your wash while looking awesome and having tons of fun at the same time!
Bucket Lid
$9.99 $9.99 $14.99  MSRP
The Bucket Lid is the must-have accessory for any detailer that turns your 12” diameter bucket into a versatile detailing tool with endless possibilities!
4 Sizes
Speed Wipe Quick Detailer & High Shine Spray Gloss
$10.99 $10.99 $14.99  MSRP
Speed Wipe is the 100% wax-free gloss enhancing quick detail spray designed to lightly clean your paintwork and deliver a static-free mirror shine in just minutes available in two awesome fun to use scents!
The Chenille Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of clean water and soap to drench any car in thick foaming suds for the ultimate scratch and swirl free washing experience.
Premium Workhorse Microfiber towels are the professional detailer’s go-to towel, made with a super soft 70/30 microfiber blend for ultra-absorbent and scratch-free wiping on all surfaces.
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