The Lightning Fast Interior Kit

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Return your interior to its “fresh off the lot” glory and remove deep-set stains and grime fast with the Ultimate Interior Stain Removal Kit! Discover everything you need to make your upholstery look like new and give your entire interior a spotless clean!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Turn back the clock on your old interior
  • Restore an OEM appearance to virtually every surface
  • Total Interior safely cleans dashboards, nav screens & more
  • Protects against UV rays to help prevent cracking & fading
  • Lightning Fast penetrates deep to remove tough stains
  • Destroys foul smelling odors at their source
  • Nice & Stiff Carpet Brush easily removes deep-set grime
  • Gentle yet strong Microfiber Towel provides easy application

One Solution For All Surfaces

Rather than use separate cleaners for leather, vinyl, plastic, glass, and wood, Chemical Guys developed Total Interior. With just one product, you can now clean and protect virtually all interior surfaces to remove layers of dirt, grime, debris, fingerprints, grease, and oils. The gentle formula won’t stain and streak on glass, or change the feel or texture of upholstery and carpets. The unique formula is also blended with UV blockers that help shield interior car parts from harsh sunlight to help prevent cracking and fading on hard plastics. Simply spray on and wipe off with your included Ultra Fine Microfiber Towel for incredible results.

Tough On Stains, Gentle On Fabric

Lightning Fast works hard to remove set-in stains on carpet and upholstery so you don’t have to! Simply spray, agitate, then wipe. No need for hard scrubbing and brushing to remove stains, dirt, grease, or grime. Lightning Fast works great as a stand alone product, or as a pre-treatment step for hot water extraction. Stubborn stains are quickly lifted from the surface without affecting the color or the feel of your carpet or upholstery. Lightning Fast is boosted with strong cleaning agents that penetrate deep, dissolve stains, then emulsify and lift dirt and debris to the surface and is blended with odor-eliminating enzymes that destroy odors at the source, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Deep Clean Your Carpets, Upholstery, And Floor Mats

The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush is your deep cleaning solution for those stained and dirty interior surfaces of your car, home, and office! Carpets and fabrics contain individual fibers that trap dirt below the surface. Simply wiping down those surfaces oftentimes isn’t enough to get rid of long standing grime and debris. The Nice & Stiff Brush works to separate those fibers and draw set-in dirt and stains out. Simply apply your included Lightning Fast Stain Extractor and gently agitate with the Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush to easily extract deep set dirt and grime.

The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush is the hard working, stiff bristled, intense cleaning brush that reaches deep into fibers, lifting dirt and grime, to restore a spot and stain free new appearance to your carpet, durable upholstery, floor mats, and more!
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Lightning Fast Stain Extractor for Fabric
$11.99 $11.99 $15.99  MSRP
Lightning Fast is a super-powerful stain extractor that penetrates deep, dissolves tough stains, then emulsifies and lifts dirt and debris to the surface to restore fabric, upholstery, and carpet.
4 Sizes
Total Interior Cleaner And Protectant
$11.99 $11.99 $17.99  MSRP
Total Interior is the one product that cleans and protects virtually any car interior surface in three great scents! Simply mist and wipe for professional cleaning results everywhere, from the dashboard to glass and more!
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Ultra Fine Microfiber Towel
$6.49 $6.49 $6.99  MSRP
The Ultra Fine Microfiber Towel is a highly refined loop-woven microfiber towel that is gentle, yet strong and highly absorbent. This premium 100% microfiber towel is soft and completely non-abrasive so they are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces.

Please Note: Please note that the color and or packaging on accessories featured in the kit may vary from what is displayed in the image. Accessories and or Chemicals may be replaced based on stock availability.