Rimpaca Ultimate Wheel Brush Set (3 Pcs)

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The Rimpaca Ultimate Wheel Brushes combine an ultra soft and supremely fluffy synthetic wool head with the durable and ergonomic handle for a truly versatile brush set that can be used all over your car!

Awesome Rimpaca Features:

  • 3 sizes get in every nook and cranny
  • Supremely fluffy heads gently scrub away grime
  • Extra soft and safe on all wheel types
  • Deep cleans hard to reach areas
  • Perfect for everything from performance brakes to daily drivers
  • Holds tons of thick foamy suds
  • Gets in tight areas
  • Deep cleans brakes and calipers
  • Metal-free design minimizes risk of scratching
  • Comfortable hand grip keeps brush from slipping

Ultra Fluffy Like An Alpaca

What’s soft, fluffy, and totally gentle on all wheels? The Rimpaca! With an extra plush head, the Rimpaca is perfect for cleaning the most sensitive surfaces without scratching or swirling. With three sizes to choose from, they’re the perfect way to scrub dirt, brake dust, and road grime from your wheels, brakes, calipers, and wheel wells to restore long lost shine!

A Brush For Every Job

With three different sizes, no matter what kind of car or surface you’re trying to clean, there’s a perfect Rimpaca brush! Slip the smallest 5” brush head into front grilles, vents, and watch the dirt disappear! Then, slide the medium 8” brush head into exhaust pipes and in between wheel spokes. When you’re done, use the large supremely fluffy 9” brush head to reach deep in wheel wells, large deep dish wheels, in undercarriages and more!

Use It Wet Or Dry

When something’s this fluffy and soft, you’re going to want to use it more than one place! That’s why the Rimpaca is designed to be used on both the interior and exterior of your ride. Use the Rimpaca dry to dust sensitive interior surfaces in between full details. The ultra soft synthetic wool sucks up tons of dust deep within the long fibers to make the perfect maintenance tool that everyone needs to keep in their ride!

  1. Rinse away loose contamination and spray the face and barrel down with your favorite Chemical Guys wheel cleaner.
  2. Use the soft brush to easily scrub filth from deep inside wheel barrels, around cracks, and through crevices.
  3. Insert between spokes to clean all areas of your wheels.
  4. Once contamination is suspended in the cleaner, simply rinse it away with water.
How to Use It - Chemical Guys


10 – 25 Minutes





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The Perfect Duster Is Here!

No One Likes Dust... Get Rid of it Fast with the Rimpaca!

Got a dusty interior that's driving you crazy? Use the Rimpaca dry to give that dusty dash a quick wipe! The ultra-soft synthetic wool acts like a magnet, quickly sucking up light dust and revealing a crisp look once again.

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Pick Up One of Each to Cover All Areas Around Your Ride!

So, you've been on the hunt for the perfect detailing brushes... well, you've finally found them! The Rimpaca comes in two different styles to cover all areas around your ride. Use the straight Rimpaca to deep clean all around your ride, then use the bent Rimpaca to get in all those hard to reach areas!