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Truck & Offroad Kit

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What's In the Kit

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Tough Mudder is an off-road vehicle wash that safely removes stuck-on dirt and sand while leaving a sealant layer—so it’s harder for fresh mud to cling to the surface.

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The Jetstream Fire Hose Nozzle turns any normal garden hose into a high pressure water jet, a gentle fan sprayer, or completely shuts off the flow of water altogether with a twist of the wrist. 

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The Big MoFo Wash Mitt is a gigantic slab of plush microfiber chenille that pulls of abrasive dirt, grit, and grime without scratching or swirling paint to quickly clean extra-large vehicles.

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Bare Bones is a premium undercarriage spray dressing specifically formulated to protect and enhance hard to reach areas like the wheel wells, subframes, springs, and fender liners.

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Clear Liquid is a premium dressing that penetrates deep to moisturize and nourish plastic and rubber pieces, enhance deep-black shine, and restore a supple feel that resists cracking and splitting.

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