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Sunset Cruisin' T-Shirt

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Sunset Cruisin' T-Shirt

Last Chance
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The Sunset Cruisin T-Shirt celebrates the summer and the company that makes your ride shine in ultimate comfort and style.
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What Makes Sunset Cruisin' T-Shirt Awesome

Summer Style All Year ‘Round

Everyone loves the summer: car shows, cruising, and the perfect weather for detailing… it’s no wonder it’s every car guy’s favorite season! What better way to celebrate summer fun and the detailing lifestyle than with the Sunset Cruisin Tee? The signature Chemical Guys logo has been remade with bright sunset colors that are only seen when the sun goes down and the fun starts!

Show Off Your Shine!

Slap on the Sunset Cruisin Tee next time you’re out with your friends, on your next detail, at school or work, or any old day to let everyone know the company that makes your ride shine! The ultra-soft cotton is so soft and breathable that no matter where you are, you’ll be chilling in ultimate comfort. Perfect for detailing, this tee keeps you cool on extended details out in the sun.

  • Enjoy summer vibes all year long
  • Take your style to the next level
  • Represent the Chemical Guys lifestyle
  • Experience the true definition of swagger
  • Keep cool on long hot details in the sun

How To Use Sunset Cruisin' T-Shirt

  1. Take shower.
  2. Put on shirt.
  3. Enjoy your day!

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