Secondary Container Dilution Bottle

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Secondary Container Dilution Bottle

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The Secondary Container Dilution Bottle is perfect for professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts who need to mix and dilute chemicals from full-strength gallon jugs. Get the exact strength you want right in the spray bottle. They’re crystal clear for easy visual level checks and make your detailing job faster and easier.
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using secondary bottle
  • Mix and blend your own custom-strength chemicals
  • Dilute the gallon or larger full-strength Chemical Guys products
  • Spray wide for maximum coverage with minimal product
  • Take on any detailing job anywhere, anytime
  • Keep up on extra-long details

What Makes Dilution Bottle Awesome

Crystal Clear for Faster Detailing

Chemical Guys Secondary Container Bottle helps you mix, dilute, and easily identify the products you want at hand. Plus, it has convenient labels for product names, dilution ratios, and hazard communication. Write directly on the label to take away any guesswork and ensure fast, smooth detailing.

Hazard Communication for Safer Detailing

Chemical Guys believes in effective, responsible, and safe detailing practices. That’s why we’ve adopted the UN’s Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals standards (GHS) long before it was required. This system effectively communicates important chemical information regarding hazards, precautions, and content you need to know before you start using any product.


Use your secondary container dilution bottle to mix and dilute chemicals from larger containers, then spray as needed. Find information on dilution ratios here.

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