Honeydew Premium Air Freshener

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Honeydew Premium Air Freshener

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Escape with Honeydew Melon Bliss, bringing the cool, refreshing scent of sun-kissed slices of vine-ripened melon to any space! Transform your car into a getaway with its invigorating aroma, evoking the relaxation of vacation and simpler times. Embrace the fresh, revitalizing essence of summer with every spray!
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What Makes Honeydew Premium Air Freshener Awesome

Sunshine In Every Spray

Honeydew is the perfect scent for a bright sunny day! Honeydew stimulates the senses with the refreshing, sweet, and crisp scent of fresh honeydew melon. Enriched with fruity overtones, this air freshener and odor eliminator delivers a fresh scent that lasts. One spray sends you on vacation from your troubles, refreshing mind, body, and soul for a relaxing time.

The Scent Of Vacation And Simple Times

The unique formula does more than mask foul odors; it actually eliminates odor-causing bacteria to completely remove bad smells! No matter where you use Honeydew, it is sure to bring the scent of cool, refreshing, sun-kissed slices of vine-ripened melon to any environment.  It’s the scent for the moments when you haven’t a care in the world. One spray is all you need to experience relaxation!

  • Physically destroy odors at their source
  • Brighten your space with the scent of sunshine
  • Relax no matter where you are
  • Enjoy fresh fruity scent any time of the day
  • Enjoy the scent of summer all year long

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SKU(s) AIR_220_16, AIR_220_04
Scent Honeydew
Product Form Liquid

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