Hex Logic Black Finishing Hand Pad

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Hex Logic Black Finishing Hand Pad

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The Black Finishing Hand Pad uses Hex-Logic grooves and ultra-soft foam to spread the perfect coat of glaze, sealant, or wax over any vehicle.
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What Makes Hex Logic Black Finishing Hand Pad Awesome

Easy Applicator For All Exterior Surfaces

The Black Hex-Logic Pad is an all-around applicator pad that will work for any spreading job. The Black Hand Pad has no cut and works with any Chemical Guys glaze, sealant or wax, and is best used whenever this is no room for a machine polisher. Easily spread a coat of wax over any paintwork, glass, polished metal, wheels, or lights with this soft finishing pad.

Interior Applicator For Best Results

Spread leather conditioners to keep upholstery and seats soft and supple, or protectant dressings on textured rubber and plastics like on dashboards or tire sidewalls. Finish off your full hand polishing detail by spreading the perfect coat of wax over your paintwork with the Black Hex-Logic Finishing Hand Pad.

Technology Inspired By Nature

Bees instinctively build their honeycombs with hexagonal chambers: the most efficient shape for dividing any given space into an even grid. When product is spread over the hexagonal chambers of a Hex-Logic pad, the hexagon grooves ensure the most even spread possible.

  • Spread the perfect coat without excess waste
  • Fit in small areas like doorjabs, handles, and mirrors
  • Spread glaze, sealant, and wax without a machine
  • Fit in any size hand

How To Use Hex Logic Black Finishing Hand Pad

  1. Wash the surface to be polished, and then clay the surface.
  2. Squeeze 3 - 5 dots of your preferred polishing compound over one side of the Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad.
  3. Work the polish into the surface to rub the particle abrasives over the affected paintwork in a spot no larger than 1 square foot.
  4. Buff off any polish residue and check for satisfactory results.

Product Details

SKU(s) BUFX_203
Color Black
Applicable Finishes Glass, Paintwork, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum