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Heavy Duty Clay Bar

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Heavy Duty Clay Bar

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The Heavy Duty Clay Bar extracts dirt and removes embedded grime and debris when all other clay bars fail, resulting in total decontamination, restored paint, and a smooth finish on severely neglected vehicles.
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Decontaminating the trunk of a car using Clay Luber and the Heavy Duty Clay Bar
  • Among our clay bars, the Heavy Duty Clay Bar is the best for decontaminating vehicles with paint in very poor condition.
  • Extract filth from the most neglected cars
  • Decontaminate cars that have been kept outside for years
  • Remove contamination that lighter clay bars can't budge
  • Provide a clean base for wax and sealants
  • Restore shine on dull paint

What makes Heavy Duty Clay Bar awesome

Designed For The Most Intense Contamination

If other clay bars are not strong enough to make a damaged surface clean and smooth, bust out the Heavy Duty Clay Bar. This extra-sticky clay bar removes intense tree sap, brake dust, rail dust, paint overspray, pollution, and industrial fallout from any daily driver or neglected workhorse vehicle. If your car is more than 5 years old and you’ve never used a clay bar before, you probably need the Heavy Duty Clay Bar! 

The Best Way to Prep Your Paint

The Heavy Duty Clay Bar is made for extremely rough and sticky paint finishes, reaching deep within the pores of your paint to restore a smooth surface. Decontaminating your neglected vehicle will ensure that a longer-lasting wax and sealant bond directly to the surface for the best long-lasting shine. Advanced Flex-Clay Technology conforms to every curve and contour for maximum effect with every swipe.

How to use Heavy Duty Clay Bar

Wash vehicle well to remove loose dirt and debris. Mist a 2’ x 2’ area generously with Clay Luber. Break off ⅓ of the clay bar, form it into a patty, then gently glide it back and forth across the surface until the clay glides freely. Buff each completed section dry with a microfiber towel and inspect the clay. If soiled, fold the clay and use a clean portion again.

If you drop the clay or it becomes completely soiled, discard the piece of clay bar and continue with a fresh piece.

Product Details

SKU(s) CLY_403
Product Form Bar
Applicable Finishes Paintwork, Glass, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum
Paint Condition Poor