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Big Mouth Drying Towel

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Big Mouth Drying Towel

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The Big Mouth Drying Towel is a fluffy, soft, and absorbent drying towel that measures an enormous 36’’ x 25’’ for quick and effortless drying on even the largest vehicles.
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What Makes Big Mouth Drying Towel Awesome

A Big and Shaggy Towel

The towel is blended with premium 70/30 microfiber for a soft, absorbent touch that absorbs water and picks up any missed dirt for scratch-free wiping. Cheap microfiber towels have hard nylon edges that scratch paint when buffing and drying. The Drying Towel features premium silk-banding along all four edges for the softest scratch-free touch from the entire towel.

Two Naps for Ultimate Versatility

Every Big Mouth Towel features one short nap side, and one high nap side for extra versatility. Use both sides to wipe up and absorb any standing water, and flip to the high pile side to safely catch any dust or debris without scratching paintwork. The bright Orange microfiber highlights dirt and debris, showing when to flip to a clean side for scratch-free drying.

  • Quickly dry off all standing water
  • Ensure perfect scratch-free results
  • Speed up large-scale drying tasks
  • Gently buff your paintwork without marring
  • Minimize towel use and laundry

How To Use Big Mouth Drying Towel


Clean Rinse Technology Dissolves The Toughest Of Grime, Oils and Stains

Simply using Microfiber Wash as your detergent maintains the original condition of microfiber by gently cleaning the fabric to preserve its softness.

Product Details

SKU(s) MIC_725
Color Orange
Applicable Finishes Paintwork, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum